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    Good strategy for Sniping

      I want to start the process to earn the Gillie suit and am looking for ideas to becoming a decent sniper.  Or any ideas on sniping, for that matter.  Not just to earn the suit, but just to learn in general.  No snide comments necessary please.  Thank you!

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          to get the ghillie suit you need to use the chrome barrel attachment which make the gun sway so its best to equip focus, i also use variable zoom which is a big help for getting head shots, just use the rifle dont equip a secondary or or ied or smoke grenades etc which means you can use more perks, best perks i find for sniping is incog, off the grid, focus, blind eye and awareness, for your strike package sometimes the dog will cover your back but he also gives away your position so better using things like battle hind, trinity rocket and gryphon, and one other tip dont fire to soon zoom in get a bead on them then shoot, this works well for me and last week i got a congratulations email from ghosts 20 longshots in one game, so i hope this works out for you unless im on the opposing team

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            Being patient always helps, if you keep panic firing you'll give away your position too easily, dont shoot unless you've got a clear shot.


            Another tip would be not to stay in the same place for too long, if you keep killing someone from the same window it wont take them very long to work out where you are and flank you, my tip would be get 3-4 kills from one spot then move to another building/floor/window etc and keep the enemy guessing as to where you might be next.

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              Free your mind from stats! If you are worried about your score per game or your number of kills per game you will get restless at about five minutes and go for panic kills. Forget stats and just concentrate on getting the job done. It is the same for "balls of steel" it is hard to throw away that hard earned K/D for a patch.

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                   Its an interesting challenge. The whole purpose of it is to earn something to conceal you, but with the chrome barrel attachment you cant use a silencer. Firing an unsilenced sniper rifle frequently means instant death. A single rifle shot seems to attract more attention than completely unloading an lmg.


                   My main perk for sniping is incog. I'll switch up the rest depending on map and mode ( set up 3 or 4 classes with a sniper rifle). As meantioned, the dog isnt a sniper friendly reward. He doesnt use incog and either stands a few feet in front of you staring at you, or right in front of you with his butt in your face. I like the ims . I'll try to stay put until I earn one, then plant it right where I was at and move on. A single ied somewhere behind you is nice too. Dont put it close though as it will give you away,


                   A secondary is a sniper's best friend, but personally, I havent been using one lately. I like that extra point to go toward something else, and I feel forcing myself to use the rifle all the time can only make me better with it. It might not do much for the k/d, but it will train you to aim faster.  Same thing with the maps. I'll use the same weapon that I'm ranking up on every map and every mode. If you learn to use a particular weapon in the worst scenarios it will make the rest a piece of cake.


                   The l115 seems to be the best choice for that challenge. It gets the most ohks.


                    Find a spot with some cover or debris that overlooks as much traffic as possible. Sometimes the most obvious places can be the best. I dont mean obvious like windows, everyone expects a sniper in a window, but I mean right out in the middle of the action. One of the best spots I have found is on warhawk. I throw an ied by the post office, then go out and lay in the street close to the curb facing b dom. Its pretty amazing how long you can get away with that one. Its like if people see someone laying in such an obvious spot, they figure he must be dead. My teammates were laughing at me one night because they flipped spawns and the enemy was behind me. They kept yelling "hey you're facing the wrong way" and such. But I wasnt moving. getting up in a spot like that is suicide. I managed to stay there long enough to earn an a dog, sentry guin and battle hind.  ..... As maentioned above the dog was a mistake and I called him by accident trying to equip my sentry gun ..... then I got killed with my heli at 13/0 because it was hc mode ..... just some info so you dont make the same bad choices.



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                  Not sure if this has been mentioned but try several different modes a few times and see which one racks up the most kills for you. I started off with team death match and free for all (mostly because these are the modes I play on a regular basis) and I've noticed that both give roughly 10-15 kills on a regular run. Both have their perks, on team death you might last a little longer if a team mate is around or lures someones attention away from you but at the same time free for all has more chances of running into someone quicker. Plus team death is a little more laid back due to your team mates being around whereas free for all you have to constantly be aware of your surroundings.


                  Also, I'm actually trying to get the gillie suit myself and I'm not at my ps3 right now to tell you my exact setup but it follows this: USR with thermal scope, chrome lined, and armor piercing (through extra attachment perk) and for perks I have takedown (to not reveal enemy death if you get close to one and have to take them down), fast hands (for quicker scoping of your snipe if someone decides to run by), extra attachment (for scope, chrome barrel, and armor piercing), focus (for better aiming and less flinching if hit), dead silence I think (so that you can hear enemy footsteps and not your own) and maybe scavenger? (if you run out of ammo). I use the extra attachment instead of incog to get more xp for operations and when you get a little more adjusted to running and killing with a snipe at the same time it wont matter if you're seen on the radar or not but then again, that's my personal preference. I use thermal because it's a lot easier to hit a white solid figure than trying to mess with surrounding environment/character blending but that's just my preference. I've also used variable zoom and I get roughly the same amount of kills per round give or take. I've managed to rack up 300/850 kills so far with this setup in a couple hours of playing. Also, I've found that using the support strike package pays off better because if you're not good at sniping, you'll be dying a lot and having it to where you don't lose your streak when you die is great. Also, if you got with assault strike pkg and you get a guard dog, ittl protect you close range but also give away your position and most likely take away a kill from you so that's another reason I use support and not assault.


                  But all in all just remember to have fun with it. Quite a few times you'll get 1:2, even 1:3 K/D ratio but don't let it discourage you. It might even be worth it to equip variable zoom to get that cobra suit (or whatever its called before the gillie) to be able to hide better while also racking up your kills towards that overall goal of gillie. But good luck!! Hope this helped in some way.

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                    use variable zoom with chromelined and you can unlock the other special uniform as well. I just completed this challenge myself. I thought the USR was the best for this, with a slightly quicker ads time and larger areas of instakills with chromelined. if you have the dlc i highly suggest you play onslaught for this. for 2 reasons, its a rotation of fairly small maps which means quicker matches and more kills. its shocking some of the larger maps in tdm dont end with one team getting 75 kills. The second reason is that you have a good balance of sniping maps (ignition, containment) and close quarter maps (fog, bayview). Trust me you'll want to give yourself some breaks from sniping and this will help keep your k/d steady. I would just enjoy fog and bayview with ars or smgs and slowly chip at the challenge on the other two maps.

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                      Hey there fella! It usually depends on the sniper rifle you're using. Factors are swaying, perks, recoil, ADS time and comfort-ability with your weapon preference. Practice will surely help and if you wish, try to play on objective oriented maps as well as large maps. You also need a good team though, if you're playing on random public lobbies, try to consider on how you can counter the enemies as well as have a good familiarity of the map. Hope this helps!