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    did they hide/deleted polls?...can't see mine about freezes!

      I feel I little bit disrespected by Activision.


      I made a decent poll, without any big flammable words, asking if ppl have been getting more freezes after patch.


      There are new threads about freezes now, it is definitely an issue, I don't see why they decided to eliminate/hide (I can steel access to it) polls. At the end of the day it is their decision if they want to hear our complains, and the polls may not be representative as any other user made poll.


      I would appreciate if they sent me a message mentioning if I crossed the boundaries imposed by the rules and regulations of this forums, which I highly doubt it. I do not appreciate, as a costumer that behaves respectfully most of the time, to have my posts removed by some obscure decision/policy!


      Back on topic...man I am still having freezes, now most of the time when I change my squad member and then find a match....the WiiU freezes during the loading screen.