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    nOVA Gaming Clan now reruiting PS3

      nOVA Gaming Clan is now recruiting for Playstation. We currently have three clan members but were looking to go big (well at least 20 players, we accept anyone) and we will be going worldwide. If you don’t have time to train with your clan every day and just want to chill with a few experienced players then this is the perfect clan for you. We don't play competitively, we just play for fun unless we get challenged. We play any game type especially Search and Destroy, Headquarters but if you join our party then it’s your call. WE play anything, sniping or just pissing people off. You must have a K/D of at least 1.00. If you have a K/D less than 1.00 post you psn name anyway but I will have to look at your stats.  Just post your PSN id, your K/D, your favourite  gametype, when you will be available and where you live (state and country, If you don’t live in a state just put your country. So tell all your friends and mates about us and we will be greatly appreciated. We don’t have a website but will want someone to make one for us (must be approved first).
      Leader: BananaBruhz
      Co-leader: Guardala07
      Co-leader: Death_Sqaud_001
      1. Must have a k/d of  at least 1.00 (otherwise will be looked at)
      2. Mic (optional)
      3. Sometimes you will have to be mature
      4. PWN
      5.Have fun!

      Ranks: None

      Feel free to message me if you have any questions (i'm BananaBruhz-the leader)