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        50. Re: worst call of duty yet?

        I Love it.  This game rocks.


        i Just hope PSN can get their **** together.


        campaign was amazing.

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          51. Re: worst call of duty yet?

          I agree. I really had a lot of fun in Blops2. Between multiplayer and zombies, I never even played another game.


          There were some issues with MW2, like the ones you stated and crazy grenade damage (which plays into the OMA).


          I use an AK in every CoD for nostalgia reasons, so I obviously enjoyed the AN-94. One of my favorite smg's in CoD history is probably the pdw... that mag size, little recoil, and good iron sights made it so fun to use. AN-94 and pdw were the only guns i used towards the end of Blops2, in multiplayer or in the high rise zombies map.


          The lag was definitely an issue, and I had horrible connection at the time, so I stayed frequently frustrated with it. I was doing the same with killstreaks. Once you put some of the high ones up people would leave... but using low/medium ones and getting gun kills would still rack up the numbers.

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            52. Re: worst call of duty yet?

            Some people may really enjoy using it, but it won't be statistically better. That doesn't mean people won't do well with it though. There are better smg's for close quarters, and plenty of better AR's for longer ranges. It will compete with other guns, but it will not give you an advantage just by equipping it, unless it just happens to be your gun.

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              53. Re: worst call of duty yet?

              **** you Ghosts is the best game so you should stop being a ******* and man up. maybe the reason behind it because you suck and want people to feel sorry for you  so no wake up and look at reality and play you might become good  you need  to focus 

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                54. Re: worst call of duty yet?

                It is the worst COD yet,  The cheating is disgusting and you cant shoot the helicopters down.  Spawn and die over and over.  If my kid didn't want it for the extinction mode with his friends I wouldn't have bought it. My friends refused to buy this game and we only play online in private games on the older versions.

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                  55. Re: worst call of duty yet?

                  I have to say that I am very saddened by how badly it has gone for FPS games.  I have been playing FPS since Duke Nukem 3D on windows 95 in 95.  I have never been this disgusted by the cheating and hacking and a companies inability to deal with it.  COD and Battle Field will go to the cheaters and hackers as any real self respecting gamer is going to walk away from this franchise as I am.  Activision responds to no one and does not seem to care about the issue.  To all the hackers out there that think they are gamers, you suck.  To Activision, enjoy your new clientele they rewrite your code better than you can.

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                    56. Re: worst call of duty yet?

                    My missus pre ordered Destiny for a christmas prezzie for me , I've been trying to keep informed on it , It looks like they've taken a slightly different approach in FPS , could be a good thing? We'll see in time.. Yea Hackers Boosters Cheats the only credit I give them is they know what code barriers to open.Aside from that" Game Wreckers"

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                      57. Re: worst call of duty yet?

                      I have been looking forward to Destiny for a long time. It won't be until September or so, until release, but I definitely think they will put out a great game. The team they have designing it is phenomenal. 

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                        58. Re: worst call of duty yet?

                        Don't you have a bridge to be under troll?

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                          59. Re: worst call of duty yet?

                          Dumbest call of duty to date by FAR!!  Its made for campers IEDs, Guard Dogs, Motion Sensors, Target Finders its pathetic..  they put nerf on the snipers and the submachine guns have range like a sniper.  Not to mention every gun is over powered this game makes me sick what a waste of money i will never buy a cod game again and I've played multiplayer since the first one came out on PC.  They need to focus on putting out a good game and not a new release every year.. Quality over Quantity.

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