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        40. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

        Not if you're JDM_DB8_VoltageB.  Didn't you know that he runs the whole show regardless of who he's with?  Just scroll up and you will see! 

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          41. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

          Wow! I want to be his friend! NOT! This is some selfish mentality I haven't read post or care, you could be the best solo player in the world but without teamwork in co-op you are worthless!!!

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            42. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

            d_sublime_man no your stats are not better so just shut it. And yeah no sh_t if you play with good players it makes you better. Maybe DeadStar7 should try that so he can stop being a p_ssy and backing out of games constantly. Why you think i asked for good players to join me. I consider myself a good player so i posted my stats to prove it so people who want to play with me can see that i dont back out of games which no one wants to play with those people. They can also see my averages per game which are in the overall ranking only a few players in the top 500 have better averages. When i play i want to escape everytime and i am happy to teach players who dont know how or need to learn a few things seeing how i have played with most of the top players rated already. Im not being selfish at all. My post was to get some good players to play with and this stupid ass DeadStar7 wants to keep talking and running his mouth when he isnt even good to begin with to even reply to any of this post. I cant wait to run into his lobby and show him what a real player is but then again he will probably back out cause he sucks anyway. Both of you just shut your mouth plenty of real players have already sent me friend requests which i gladly accepted and gave them a try.

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              43. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

              True, but also they are trying to unlock the backgrounds.

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                44. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

                U Make a good point. If ur going for a high score run u need a team that has an idea what's going on. A mic is A must too. No mic I don't want you on my team. Communication is key to someone boosting their score and the other 3 better be on board with protecting the drill and protecting the player running the relics. Also dropping money often so the relic runner can throw sup port items out to max their teamwork score. There's too many idiots playing. I was going for a 500k game had a decent score going and every challenge. So on hive 13 we get the do not bleed out challenge. Joke right lol. Not when the 4th guy u picked up falls off the maP and costs u 4k off ur round score minimum. I barely broke the 500k finally so I dot care about improving my score anymore. Too many factors need to work out. I'm happy with being one of like 60 to get 500. I will play with anyone decent thst gonna go after the challenges and help someone else improve their score. pSn CrazedCaper

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                  45. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

                  If y get into a shitty lobby and want out hit ur ps button go into ur account management and sign out. Stats don't get affected. I didn't learn this till playing for a bit so my stats would be alot better but like u got in a lot of horrible lobbies ppl blowing Melee challenge then the 75% accuracy challenge. So I would back out and stats would take a beating

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                    46. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

                    Hitting 500k is quite tough.  I'm at 498k right now, so I know how hard it can be.  These guys getting 540-550k though?  I did some calculations, and I don't think that's possible.  There must be a way to get more points on the escape.  That's the only place where I'm uncertain of how to get a higher score.  My guess is just to escape quicker.

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                      47. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

                      Ya the fastest I have been in the chopper post patch is arounD 1:55. I have heard stories of ppl jumping thru a meteor to get around it but haven't seen it done. Even still we are talking about an additional 25,000 points which doesn't seem likely for more seconds on the clock. Tried to help my buddy get 500 today after I hit it and he finished with 499,908 lol. That was a tough one for him to swallow. Helped another guy get a 16 rank with a 512 and got another guy at 498k. It's tough and the challenges have to work out for ya and u need the right team willing to do everything they can to help u get the job Done. It's impossible if one player wants to run around trying to get kills not following the plan of the team. Your at 498 so u understand the teMwork, skill and bit of luck required to hit 500... Sure u will get it done.

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                        48. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

                        I am a ok player my score 8s high never escaped but have armed nuke before and want to with people who try and do the challenges im getting sick of level 30 amd unders who dont understand melee 

                        PSN: STUBALL_H

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                          49. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

                          Yo man, add me on psn: xxthatblokexx

                          i need friends that could help me through the dlc maps and arnt complete noobs (randoms) that know wat they r doing and dont rely on the guy with the highest level. I escaped poc with 5 relics. Finished nightfall. but i still need some help with other trophs. in nightfall. I could run watever u need me to run.

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