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    Looking for an Elite Clan On MW3 Xbox 360!

      I come from Raze Da Bar (RdaB) I still ride with them just not as a "Clan Member" because they are opposed to playing MW3 and I cannot stand Ghost.

      If you havent heard of us, we dominated BO2 and are doing the same with Ghost as we are the number 1 clan in LA. It's fair to say im a decent gamer. I like to play the snipping role more times than not. My K/D ratio is average for MW3 nothing compared to my BO2 K/D which was 2.7 thats besides the point though. Anyway if you have or know of a ACTIVE clan that plays MW3 on a regular basis let me know! I am online now and will be for awhile. Send me a message on Live @ Chak0109! Please do not respond to this as i will not be back on the computer tonight!!

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