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    [Xbox One] Death Sanction Clan (US & Canada)

      Clan Name: Death Sanction

      Clan Level: 15

      Clan Tag: DSC


      Death Sanction is currently looking for active Call of Duty: Ghosts players who will participate in Clan Wars as well as actively play with other clan members in order to help build and level the clan.



      • You must be 13 years or older.

      • You must own and play on an Xbox One.


      Important Notes:

      • Currently, a mic or headset is not required to join or play with the clan.

      • We primarily play the following game modes*:

           • CORE Team Deathmatch

           • HARDCORE Kill Confirmed

           • HARDCORE Domination

      *during clan wars we play all the required game modes to capture nodes.


      If you would like to join please message Teenage Soldier on Xbox Live, leave a post in this thread with your Xbox Live Gamertag or apply on our official website www.deathsanction.com/ by registering.