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    The Banwave only a temp fix?


      ive been having a look around to find out about all these people that have been crying about getting banned, and on another site some of them say that they dont care because they can change their console ID.

      also what is anti-ban?


      i get the feeling that this banwave is only a temp fix

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          People are always going to find a way around it, agreed. But it is a step in the right direction. Honestly people that hack are even more sad now lol. I find myself in lobbies with a lot of max prestiges, i too am at max prestige. Once they made it to where all the challenges are unlocked it's super easy to level up now.

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            My system has been banned and I have never modded or hacked I dont even know how I loved the extinction game but I can not play I think they are banning the wrong people

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              I literally just got the game and didn't even play it for 3 hours and I got banned the next day for no reason, I don't have a mic and I see insulting and getting mad at people over a game is stupid and a waste of time anyways so I wouldn't get banned for any strong language or anything I don't have a modified disk or copy of the game cause all I did was buy it on playstation store. I really just bought this to have something to play with my friends I don't care about the ranks or anything and boosting is a waste of time. I don't know of any glitches. So what did I get banned for? Playing the game?

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                out of interest, have any of you guys had your accounts re-instated? im gonna assume that the 3 users that deleted their posts had not.

                i know of one personso far out of the many that swore innocence.

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                       I've seen a few posters say that have been reinstated. But I also googled some of the people who did absulutelyy nothing wrong, and found they changed their story to " well I thought it was strange that I went from level 10 to level 60 in one match .... but forgot all about that" kind of stories. I also saw some who would never cheat tweeting about psn code generators and such.

                       While I'm sure there were a few who got it by mistake ... I'd say most knew exactly what they were doing.

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                        Not saying any system is perfect, Lord knows none of them are.  However, if I were a hacker who got banned, my first reaction would be to plead innocence to see if I could get lucky.  As unfair as an unwarranted ban may be, you must admit that the guilty and the innocent will all sound the same in the aftermath. 


                        That is why I don't get particularly riled when it takes awhile before they drop the ban-hammer.  I figure the more time they spend narrowing down the suspects, the more accurate the end result will be.


                        P.S.  I've been the "victim" of an unwarranted pfile wipe on BLOPS2.  Max prestige, 80% of the extras unlocked...and reset to level 1.  After some cross-examination of my 8 year-old son, he confessed to a a few matches of boosting head-shots to unlock camos (we've got 2 PS3s in the man-cave).  Turns out I wasn't Activision's victim afterall!