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        40. Re: Campers aren't as bad as you think

        You do have a point there. Most of the time when i get killed by a camper, he always gets headshots on me, which makes me think that hes just trying to get Gold or Diamond. But its annoying, especially when there spawn killing

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          41. Re: Campers aren't as bad as you think

          to many variables to make an educated guess.


          k/d doesent include weapon usage, score streak usage, mode played, party or solo,dashboarding or not, boosting, playing the objective and i can go on.


          someone who doesent play the objective, uses lethal streaks, plays in a party and uses his best load but got a 1.6 K/D doesent have to be better skilled then a person who has a 1.2 K/D , does all weapon and perk challenges, use support streaks and  plays the objective.


          also how do you know that a person hasent boosted or dashboards the moment it goes wrong.


          so in the end using K/D means nothing unless you actually played with or against that person.


          ive seen enough people who have a better K/D then me but fail to live up to that stat when playing with or against me.

          same with SPM.

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            42. Re: Campers aren't as bad as you think

            That is a great point! But that's y u look at all there stats and medals. If they have great medals but low everything else something is off lol. If the have low kd but high w/l and decent medals, u could argue that they play the objective and might be good or that they are bad but play with a good squad. But in the end u r right. U can't know unless u haved played that person.

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              43. Re: Campers aren't as bad as you think

              Lol that's not a bad idea! The lag in this game is amazing sometimes.

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                44. Re: Campers aren't as bad as you think

                To make a point. If its low, change ur game plan lol.

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                  45. Re: Campers aren't as bad as you think

                  medals do give you a better indication though but even those are subject to things like dashboarding , playing in parties and such.


                  tbh id say only believe when you played with the person but sadly in cod you cant even trust your eyes lol.


                  lagg can be really nessy at times.

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                    46. Re: Campers aren't as bad as you think

                    Orochi-dragon wrote:


                    Lol I hate people like u! U hide with all ur stuff and try to have good matches. I'm so glad I got good enough to just beat scrubs like u. What is ur kd, cause if ur that good of a camper it must be high lol!

                    Scrubs like me? Really? Let me guess, you are one of these people I spoke of aren't you? The ones who think they shouldn't have to switch their class to adapt in order to win. But I'm the scrub. If you had any kind of reading comprehension at all, you would've noticed in my post me saying that I do it ALL. I run, camp, crawl, hold down areas wait if I know one of you mindless run and gunners are coming. So once again, like in your other post, you are wrong. I'm not a camper. I'm a "runguncampwaitcrawljusttopissyouoff" er.

                    Oh, and as if it matters:

                    All time k/d = 1.48

                    All time spm = 360

                    All time w/l = 50% (lots of solo games and to be honest, just don't care as much) But hey, I've been alot more fun though.

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                      47. Re: Campers aren't as bad as you think

                      there is nothing wrong with taking your time, ducking behind cover (sheild), thinking of strategies or even lowering your profile (prone). If you can stay in the same location for the whole game doing this, awsome, all props to you, but there's a difference between that and sitting in a corner waiting for a suspecting victim (don't be stupid he knows you're there), killing him, turning left into the spot where you already know the next one is gonna come in 2 seconds, jumping up spinning on to the shelf where you're in time to throw that grenade out the window in a general direction to kill the first guy you shot. Sounds like you learn a pattern rather than skill?

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                        48. Re: Campers aren't as bad as you think

                        I can say that sometimes I camp, but I also rush or just slowly go around the map. there's 2 types of camping. Spam camping, and real camping. Spam camping is 1 to like 2 or 3 guys in an area or room all set up with a sentry or a guardian then another guy with a grenade launcher and the other two in corners and theyve all got tac inserts so even if you can get one he'll be right back. On top of that is spawn killing which when I realize myself and my team are doing it i try and back off a little (unless the team pissed me off then i dont care)

                             Then real camping (imo) is either anticipating your enemies movements (they just capped B so chances are they'll run through here) type of thing so youre set up for that. Something else (which I love to do) is when you kill another camper who isn't the brightest, and camp in his room. he runs back and you kill him, then change corner, and kill him, next corner, kill him. do that like 4 or 5 times and leave. its really funny.

                             I know why people get mad at campers. but you need to realize that waiting for your enemy in order to strike, is an actually battle/war tactic that is used. although it may seem pathetic or petty, it is a legitimate tactic.

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                          49. Re: Campers aren't as bad as you think

                          ya man u said it takes no skill. ok thats you not us it does matter when you camp. basically running with a 29 gunstreak and getting ****** by killed by a camper? dang man.

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