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    You get GUARD DOG.....I get TARD DOG!


      Tell me if this sounds familiar. I personally think it has gotten comical, not complaining about it or think anything needs to be done other than laugh.


      Everyone else gets an awesome, well trained super dog. It goes off on its own, kills 4 of my team in what seems like one leap. I sight in super dog from across the map with a LMG and proceed to unload 100 rounds, but the dog from The Walking Dead still gets me. In my next spawn I am innocently walking around when the dog from hell detects me from 20 meters away and comes out to nail me, I don't even see its owner cause super dog is so aware and on the ball.


      Me on the other hand, I call in TARD dog. Tard dog follows me around and sits there. I think he falls asleep sometimes. I can be taking close range shots at 2 enemies, tard dog doesn't move or growl. Occasionally tard dog will take out an enemy and then die from 1-2 shots from a bb gun. He doesn't have armor, he has a magnet that attracts bullets. His favorite words are "tard dog killed in action".


      Anyone else get TARD dog or is it just me?