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    Hey guys :)

      So after playing the hell out of blops 2, after binning ghosts in November, I couldnt help but pick a copy of Ghosts up yesterday in an Amazon sale, it was practically free! After I got sick and tired of playing the same 10-12 guys in HC over and over and over, I needed a new challenge and decided whatever happens im gona stick with it for a few weeks.


      After maybe 10-15 games my initial thoughts are:


      That playing domination solo is silly, as every lobby im up against partys of at least 4 guys, and my team are always completely useless. So i`ll be sticking to TDM unless I get picked up in a party my old mates.


      Playing HCTDM is back to how it used to be in blops 1, simply awful. EVERY player camps, with numerous equipment, and doesnt move the entire game. Unless your happy to spend 10 mins going 4-2, its one to avoid, which is a shame given my lag issues. I played 1 game last night, and went the entire game with a score of 1-1, and I moved around the entire game - what possesses people to play this way?


      Whats this matchmaking thing that keeps sticking me in US lobbys meaning im behind all the time? Played a few games today, on UK time, and its much better. I played SnR last night and kept going 0-6, people just wouldnt die, play today on UK time, and im going 10-1, so frustrating!


      On a positive note, im being more cautious and doing better, im happy with my classes and think i`ll continue to play the game, which im happy about


      Anyomne wana add me, my NNID is Incredible_Mr


      Anyone old allies, hit me up if you see me online. Any new ones feel free to add me too


      Cheers all


      NNID Incredible_Mr  , AKA beastblood


      Twitter @BlueEyedAlien

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          1. Re: Hey guys :)

          I saw you online earlier. Bulldog. Bulldog. Pistol. Lul.


          To be fair, that match was a lagfest. I think Chilenozo was host, because at the end of the match, he was the only one left. Even I timed out!

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            2. Re: Hey guys :)

            But Ghosts is soooooo bad, why would you give them your money twice, Beast?


            You should've saved it for the real game in 2015.

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              3. Re: Hey guys :)

              Hi BBlood.... I sure do miss a good ol beastblood_thread


              FYI Groms alive and well! He's been on skype :O

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                4. Re: Hey guys :)

                I PM'd ya bud, check your inbox

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                  5. Re: Hey guys :)

                  Who mentioned Castiel? lol


                  Yesterday was fun, not. I played in the afternoon, and it was OK, played decent, died when I should have, killed most of the players I should have, a few BS deaths, the main irk was people killing me who just didnt apear on my screen until I was dead.

                  BUT in the evening it was so bad, again I had to play a bit of BO2 at the end of the day. I literally couldnt kill people. Id put bullets into guys who`d then kill me. I know its bad compared to xbox coz I watched a few vids the other night for a few class setups to use, and watched ozerec, and he said to put scavenger at 7 in specialist as you need it till then, so I did, and I was running out of bullets at 3-4 kills, wheras he never did.  I know my accuracy isnt gona be the best given that I play with wiimote, on a very high sensitivity and holding target isnt that easy but its taking way too long to drop people. If this keeps up in the evening I simply cant play the game at that time, coz I was raging last night for 1st time in over a year.

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                    6. Re: Hey guys :)

                    I bought it for a few reasons. Im still suspended from work so have loadsa time free, and after trying loads of other game`s, AC4, ZombiU, all the mario`s, sonic`s etc, I always reverted to BO2. As cods the only game I really like playing daily. I master stiged in blops 2, and found it pointless still playing over and over, so I created a new account. Just played HCTDM ,with that, just used the MP7, running round, and managed a 4+ kdr, but its the same bunch of 40 players who play HCTDM, so what could I do? I cant go back to older cods coz the graphics suck, and theyre hacked to buggery.


                    Ghosts was £10 @ amazon, and id just had a win on the football, so it basically free. Thought id give it a whirl. I dont like much about the game, not gona lie, its just something different.

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                      7. Re: Hey guys :)

                      If you want the good stuff, get me on Twitter BlueEyedAlien, thats my second blops2 acc name btw

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                        8. Re: Hey guys :)

                        That game was awful. I see a guy, shoot him, I died, over and over. Think I left when I was 5-25. Freefall has to be THE WORST map ive EVER played. The map just runs really badly. I know when my connections bad coz my U makes a weird whirlling noise, like a car going up a very steep hill, n and that map it actually sounds like a car

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                          9. Re: Hey guys :)


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