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    D3TH ASSASSINS ps3 & xbox

      hello D3TH clan are recruiting for new members to play cod and participate in clan wars .

      we are a lvl 17 clan and currently in platinum division of clan wars we need one more win to proceed into diamond so we are looking for active players who preferably have the app a good positive k/d is better but as long as youre active and will compete in clan wars thats all that matters we are a good friendly bunch who like to have a laugh if you are interested please send me ( davdious } a msg or friend request stating you would like a clan invite the more the merrier if you have pals or family that you like to play with tell em to apply too we dont mind im on ps3 if you are on xbox please apply via the app or msg CaRdIaK KiDx and he will sort you out for x box .  we have just recently made a facebook page and hopefully a website will follow shortly

      we created this clan at the end of b.ops 1 so we could be ready for mw3 and have been around ever since although we took time out in b,ops2 because of the amount of lag and hackers that appeared but we are now back with a vengance. we are a uk based clan but accept most people as long as they speak and understand english ( this is purely bacause most of us are not multi lingual) . our clan ages range from 16 upwards to late 40s we are looking for players of all game types so we can dominate more game modes although tdm is is our specialty

      no timewasters please