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    Looking for a active CoD clan

      Hello there,


      I'm Offroaderr. I'm sick of playing CoD alone and I'm looking for a fun clan to join!

      The clan must be active and must have a large community (like 10/15+ active players). I prefer English as main language or Dutch which I both speak.

      I own Mw2, Mw3, BO 1, BO 2 and Ghosts. I prefer MW3. My favorite gamemode is TDM but I also enjoy headquarters.


      Ratios are:


      Mw2: 1.77

      Mw3: 2.70

      BO 1: 2.35

      BO 2: 2.05

      Ghosts: 2.05


      No offence but ain't looking for a lil' kids clan and ain't looking for a only snipe clan neither.


      If you got a nice clan for me, just leave a message here or add me on PSN: Offroaderr (note the double rr on the end)


      Hope to hear from some of you!