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    Do You Expect To Complete Mayday 1st Try?

      Do you expect to complete Mayday on your first attempt? Do you think you will?

      Did you complete NF your first attempt? I didn't. I was with randoms and we did get to the breeder but died.


      Hopefully I will be in a full party though and no randoms, so I do expect to defeat it first go. What about you?


      Maybe you're not bothered about doing it on your first go. I'm usually the type of guy where, I don't mind, so long as we all did what we could, because obviously you don't know what to expect, when or from where etc. You don't know the spawns, or when certain things will spawn etc. But I do hope to do it first go.


      I think a big thing would be "how to kill the Kraken", and how difficult those Seeders are to defeat and the flower turrets.