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    Bad weather+Internet=multiple lost connections and then probation/ban?

      Okay so I'm posting on behalf of my boyfriend although we both play BLACK OPS 2...and well we live in a very small town where we've been getting rainy and cloudy days. The rain and clouds have been messing with our internet connection so when we play we get booted many times offline because of it. Today just a little earlier my boyfriend was playing and our connection went to ****(its cloudy today), and then when he got back online he got a probation warning. Why is he getting a warning when its not even him leaving the game on purpose, but rather our signal being choppy?  I seriously think this whole probation system should be adjusted to where (if possible) the game figures that your connection cut off and doesn't threaten you with a ban, no matter what length it may be. I mean we spent a good amount on the game and gold card to play online and its just ridiculous that those who have no control over their internet connections have to be punished.

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          Re: Bad weather+Internet=multiple lost connections and then probation/ban?

          this actually happened to me not to long ago. my internet is usually fine but it has its moments and will randomly kick me off only to sign me back in seconds later. this was happening a few times during a play session. eventually i recieved the pop-up saying ill get probation for quitting matches. i was then disconnected from the next match resulting in my probation.


               unfortunately theres nothing you can do other than to accept it or just take like a 30 minute break or something. i agree the game should know the difference but it registers basically whether you completed the match or not and if you dont you obviously get probation.

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            Re: Bad weather+Internet=multiple lost connections and then probation/ban?

            What you are experiencing was the very argument the devs made when talking to the community about creating a temp ban system. In fact, this became their sole argument for not creating such a system. Lucky for you, BO2 is the only game to have implemented the probation system.


            Lucky for you, not so lucky for those of us that lobbied hard for the probation system. Our argument was that if you are losing connection frequently enough to be put into probation, then maybe you just need to step away from the game console for a while. Either that or play offline (combat training, zombies, splitscreen private match, etc). We made this argument because, believe it or not, when you leave a lobby due to "disconnection," the gaming experience is substantially reduced not only for you, but for the other 11 to 17 (or more) members of the lobby. Think about that. You are saying it is not fair that weather or whatever ruins your experience. Don't you think that it is equally unfair for all those other players to have their experience ruined because of something beyond their control?


            Dashboarding/disconnecting during a match may not be that big of a deal. So long as you are not the host. If you are the host, the game immediately ends for everyone else in the lobby. The real bummer is that, while your performance is in no way negatively affected (even if you were having a bad match) if you initiate a dashboard/disconnect. That's especially true if you are the host. However, if the host dashboards/disconnects, while he/she is not at all negatively affected, everyone else in the lobby is scored a loss.


            The temp ban system was intended to do two things. 1) discourage intentional dashboard/disconnect activity and 2) to cool players that are having a bad day. If the weather is causing your disconnects, you're having a bad day.


            Whether or not you agree with the thinking that went into the probation system, it is a part of BO2 ... but is not a part of Ghosts. It appears to have been a one-off effort on the part of TA/IW.


            The good news is that you will NOT be permanently banned because of probation frequency. That was never the intent. But if you do disconnect frequently, you will continue to get 5 minute probation periods. There never was an official statement on the definition of "frequency," but from what I recall, the reliable consensus was that two disconnects within a 30 minute period would initiate a probation warning and a third disconnect within thirty minutes of that one would cause the probation.


            Contrary to the myth, if you back out using the in-game function, there is NO LIMIT to how many matches in a row you can leave. It is strictly disconnects/dashboards that cause probation.

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              Re: Bad weather+Internet=multiple lost connections and then probation/ban?

              The you getting booted of and stuff was them looking into the account that got banned , it happened with me 3 times everytime before i get banned my account lags a couple days before and signs me out and back in because there on your  account messing with it getting ready to ban you then all of a sudden you are banned

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