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    [nGx2] large & active PS4 Diamond Division clan recruiting!

      Are you tired of playing alone? Sick of the players that go 2-18 and lose the game for you? Or are you just looking to win some clan wars and unlock things like patches and the Body Count/War Cry items? Read all of this information and join our clan! Our only requirements are:


      1. You must have a mic to communicate

      2. You must be an active Call of Duty player (especially during clan wars)

      3. Have a positive KDR (1.00 or higher) UNLESS you are an extremely active player and have 15 days or more playing time we can make an exception to your KDR


      If you like to play other games, or just don't have a ton of free time to play we at least want you to focus on participating in our clan wars. They normally run every two weeks primarily on weekends. If members play other PS4 games besides Ghosts during these clan wars or are not online at all during clan wars you may be suspended from the clan. We take the clan wars pretty serious so we ask that our members do the same and strictly play Ghosts during the clan wars to contribute to the clan. Be online, and be on Ghosts partied up with clan members!


      We have two main rosters we use for clan wars. The [nGx2] base roster (where new recruits start out at) is level 23, with 20+ members. This roster has won one Platinum clan war and hopes to win the next Platinum to enter the Diamond Division.


      The [nGx2] Elite roster is where our extremely active veteran members go. We currently have 20 members on this roster, clan level 22, with two Platinum wins and one Gold win. We will be entering Diamond Division for the next clan war.

      If you are interested in joining our clan visit our website at www.nGx2Gaming.com and click register in the top right corner. You will have to enter your information about playing time, your COD stats and etc. and after creating an account click JOIN NOW!