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    I've had enough of this crap NF Completionist garbage!

      3 days in a row I play solo and reach the final hive and all 3 times I've gotten the same challenge, Kill 5 aliens in under 30 seconds. Let me explain what happened all 3 times, 2 hunters appear and I kill them, a rhino appears and I kill him. At this point I have 12-15 seconds left, plenty of time to kill 2 more aliens. But here's the catch, zero aliens popped up until the timer was done and I failed it. Immediately after I "failed" the challenge, 4 5 6 aliens pop up. I am so freaken frustrated and pist that I don't feel like playing this garbage anymore. I don't know what to do.


      I did it this morning solo. My last challenge was kill a scorpion with melee. I also did get that same one, Kill 5 aliens in under 30 seconds, only earlier and I did it with ease.


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