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    Onslaught Gaming Community {OGC} |35+ MEMBERS STRONG. JOIN TODAY!!!

      Onslaught Gaming Community

      Established March 8th 2014



      Hello Onslaught Gaming Community is recruiting now!! We are a friendly clan of varies of games and skill, we strive for success, victory, and accomplishment. OGC was made for gamers to have a home they can come to and release stress or anger. We focus on ours members needs to succeed and the clan image, we want to go somewhere, be a big community of gamers. We are a family and well bonded. So stop by and fill out a application. OGC is 35+ members strong. We recruit world wide US/UK/AUS/CAN/EU/NorW/MEX/China. OGC has a JR DIVISION for players 13-16 years of age.

      What We Offer:

      1. Website & Forums

      2. Prizes

      3. In Clan Tournaments & Events

      4. Rank Structure

      5. Social Media

      5. Honor Code

      6. Sections & Squads

      7. Excellent Leadership

      8. Players Online Daily

      9. World Wide Members

      10. Money for Being LOYAL & ACTIVE


      OGC SENIORS 17+

      OGC JUNIORS 13-16

      Mic NOT required but recommended



      Sign up and Apply

      Contact Us

      President: OGC MAJOR XII

      Vice President: joeshmoesmoke

      Council: OGC Equinox IX

      Email: onslaughtgamingclan@gmail.com