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    Nightfall rhino breach bug including others

      There are multiple nightfall bugs and glitches throughout the entire map. Some more common than others, but there is one that really irritates me and my friends. The rhino bug where the rhino that suppose to breach the wall to the breeder is breaching the wall when we destroy the last hive before we enter the weapon facility. When you attempt to go through the breached wall it allows you to go through but you cannot come back into the weapon facility until the last hive is destroyed due to a "invisible barrier". Im very experienced with 50 escapes but ive never experienced this bug until a few days ago. This needs to be fixed. Other bugs include

      -Drill being destroyed for no reason when the drill still has a fair amount of health(drill still had 20 health while repairing and game said it had been destroyed)

      -Drill being stuck inside a player holding the drill

      -Not being able to retrieve Venom-X

      -Larger scale cryptids (rhinos,hunters,phantoms) getting stuck inside walls.

      -On certain challenges cryptids will not spawn

      -When using explosives, will sometimes show false icon of claymores and betties.

      -Falling through map when lagging

      -Point of contact escapes being added to Nightfall victories

      -Minor lag when throwing out deployables

      -Locker to the far left inside Venom-X room not being able to interact(open)

      -When host migration occurs cryptids still cause damage and move around map

      -*********Not necessarily a bug, but obtaining huge trophy systems inside small boxes is sort of unrealstic

      -Traps going offline in mere seconds of turning them online

      -When using fast hands booster, and upgraded explosives, ill throw 2 betties then the rest of my explosives will switch to semtex/and or canister bombs.

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          Re: Nightfall rhino breach bug including others

          I've never had this issue before:

          -Not being able to retrieve Venom-X

          Is that the actual Venom-X or ammo you're trying to pick up?

          Cryptids getting stuck in the walls is usually only hunters and scorpions for me. I have never noticed a rhino or phantom, unfortunately. It could be helpful when with randoms and they aren't doing too great lol.

          For me, this is the other way around - 4 escapes are added to POC when I complete Nightfall once:

          -Point of contact escapes being added to Nightfall victories


          As for it being unrealistic that the trophy can be found in a scavenge item, lets not get started on unreal-ism for the game. There's no other way to find them other wise, unless they make the packages bigger, but then people would see the item and not open it because they'd know exactly what it was from its size.

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            Re: Nightfall rhino breach bug including others

            Few days ago we faced weird situation too. We destroy first hive inside the facility and then rhino came throught the wall where You can enter to breeder.We didnt go there because we thinked that would be cheating/boosting or something illegal. We did go there after last hive and got vicrory. I streamed that game and my friend took few screenshots, which i sent to activision and IW. And i also had thinked that trophy system.

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              Re: Nightfall rhino breach bug including others

              ive had the problem where i pick up venom x ammo and it doesnt give you any which gets me mad

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