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    Question about divisons

      I heard that rosters locked last night at 10 pst--when do we find out who we play against in our division? I don't see it on the app already, so is that something that you don't know until the clan wars start?

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          I was about to post the same question.  It would be nice to AT LEAST know what division we would be competing in.  Why do we have to wait until it starts to know that?  Is there a way to know before the war starts?

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            yes, you find out at the start time of the clan wars, your division and your foes

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              As mas2809 said, you don't get to find out anything about your division, opponents or game modes for capturing nodes until clan wars begin, at the moment there is no way of finding out this information before then.

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                all rosters lock about 24 hours prior to the clan war starting, and you are given the start and end times of each clan war, and if you WON the last clan war, you know that you ARE going up a division (unless you are already in diamond division that is), other then that, you do not get any prior knowledge about who (meaning which other clans will be in your division) until the clan war begins, and that is also the same time you find out what game types are being played at which nodes and how much each node is worth.

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                  As previously stated you won't know who you up against until the clan wars starts ,,,to clarify what was said earlier if you are in the top three you will at least be in the same division if you are in first you will be moving up unless already in diamond or platinum . I copied this from the post


                  Under this system it is possible for clans to drop by one or more divisions from one Clan War to the next.


                  The first exception to this rule is that clans who finished in the top 3 places in the previous Clan War will not drop down divisions, even if they've been inactive since that time. The second exception is that clans who finish a division in first place (with the obvious exception of Platinum Division) will be automatically promoted.