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      Hi everyone let's get right to it,

      I (IAmDrrunnmk) am looking for Clan Members to join clan: xMade For Warx


      Info. About The Clan:

      - Name: xMade For Warx

      - GOLD Clan Tag: [WAR]

      - Motto: Play Hard, Win Hard

      - Level 15 Clan

      - Clan K/D Ratio: 1.19

      - Clan Win: %49

      - We DO Clan Wars

      - Clan Size: 53 expanding very quickly

      - Xbox One Only

      - Very Active (International Clan, Teammates are online at almost any time)

      - Division: Platinum

      - Last Clan War: Costa Rica [1st Place]

      Join us as we fight for Platinum division in the next clan war. Must join before it starts to be included in helping win. Unlock Gear:

      Join us in unlocking all the cool unlockables to winning CW and leveling up as we aim for the RED Tags, Kiss of Death Camo, and War Cry gear.

      We have started to unlock the Body Count gear from CWs. Score!


      Highest K/D in clan 2.08

      20 members +1.36 K/D

      37 members +1.00 K/D

      16 members .76-.99 K/D


      Leadership: Xbox One GamerTags

      Commander: IAmDrrunnmk (K/D 1.67) (Win 2.4)

           Lieutenant Commander: Niall H0ran



      - A K/D ratio of above 1.00

      - Be of at least average skill (We can work on getting better if need be)

      - Mic. is almost considered a requirement at this point as it's key to communicating

      - Invite friends or anyone you know that would like to be in a Great Clan

      - Must be willing to play WITH other Clan Members at least from time to time. Winning and overall success is usually higher with clan mates than randoms, just saying.   

      - Play whenever you want but still try and be active. Especially during Clan War periods

      - Loyalty is much appreciated

      - Be friendly to each other

      - Win. why, because it feels good?

      - Participation in Clan Wars is Highly recommended

      - YOU NEED the Call of Duty App

      - Play as a True Team and Sign Up Today


      Most Important Rule:

      - Have Fun!!!



      Contact me through comments on this post, request to join via the app. (which is the easiest for me as I can accept them virtually anywhere even if I'm not online, or the most popular way via send me a message through Xbox One my GamerTag: IAmDrrunnmk

      or Lt. Com. - Niall H0ran


      Let me know if you have any question and also if anyone would like to change anything about the Clan just let me know and I will see what we can do. I will try and respond as quickly as possible be sure to look in the Barracks>>Clan Invites>> for the clan invite. I am on all the time and will usually play now with a big group who rarely lose. My k/d and win % have taken a hit from when I used to play solo all the time.

      Thank you so much to the loyal people who have stayed in our clan so far and future new comers, I can't just express how grateful I am to you awesome people.


      IAmDrrunnmk xMade For Warx [WAR]

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