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        60. Re: Freefall review

        Played this map a good few times now, and its just a clustfook. Whatever gun you use, in domination, your going 40-40 at best. In the really bad games, frame rate drops and you get destroyed, simply dont stand a chance. In domination, its a 1kdr lobby for everyone. You run into each other constantly, theres explosions and nades and ieds constantly, its literally kill, die, kill, die. It makes Nuketown look like a big map ffs.  The shotties seem immense, but then check the shottie guys score at the end and like you hes 36-35 or some other crazy nonsense.


        IMVHO this map is garbage, but thats just MY opinion.

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          61. Re: Freefall review

          theres definitely something to what i said though. i watched one of driftors vids last night showing that framerate and weapon rate of fire ARE dependent on one another...

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            63. Re: Freefall review

            Well yeah...seems obvious to me. When the frame rate drops, I've had my gun not even fire...or it'll shoot super fast or crazy slow. Freefall for sure. I notice it on Stonehaven too. If you start the game in the village and you bolt to that wall to shoot at people coming out of the side of the castle, the frame rate always drops significantly as it's trying to render that huge map and also keep track of all the players and their actions. Just too much work for the game.

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              64. Re: Freefall review

              To be very honest, I'd like to see the map removed, most people don't vote for it anyhow, its pure garbage..

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                65. Re: Freefall review


                WiimotesRus02 wrote:


                To be very honest, I'd like to see the map removed, most people don't vote for it anyhow, its pure garbage..

                I loved it until people decided to just camp. Granted there are a million more campers in hardcore than softcore (my theory is they can't really play well and can't get away with it on softcore so they come over to hardcore because there aren't as many radars and it takes less to kill when they camp). Funny note...we get some of the older generations (like 60+) in hardcore and some of them use an excuse of, "well I'm too old to run around". Um...okay. LOL.


                To enjoy the map, I have to not care about KDR and set up a noob camper class. It's the only time I use OP shotgun, tubes, danger close, tacticals and lethals. I combat noobs by being a noob. It's quite fun.

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                  66. Re: Freefall review

                  How many times do you play core? Because I play it most days if I have some early games due to no one at all playing HC, and I swear there are as many campers in core as there are in HC. And it doesn't matter if a camper gets easy kills as apposed to core, because he'll die just as easy too, there's no logic. And I've said a million times before, the connections are so screwy on the U compared to the old Wii, that when connection is poor, I'll camp my ass off and not care one tiny bit about people crying in lobbies, I have the audio off anyway, so it makes no difference to me lol.

                  But as far as this map goes, my connection isn't great at the best of times, it gets a million times worse on free fall, and although I've only sat in one spot for a few seconds, all I do is feed everyone's KDR, I hate it with a passion, and judging by the amount of lobbies I've been in that vote for something else, I would think most other people do too..

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                    67. Re: Freefall review

                    you will take your dlc and you will like it, this is blasphemy!!!

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                      68. Re: Freefall review

                      nobody uses sat coms anyway...

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                        69. Re: Freefall review

                        campers are in almost every mode, exceptions are cranked (when ive played it), s&r, and s&d. and maybe like hunted..but ive never gotten the chance to play hunted.. normally theres at least a couple campers per lobby, but its really hit or miss. sometimes you can have no noticeable campers in a lobby and its just as or even more frustrating than a lobby with campers or mostly campers.

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