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    Ping and how does it affect you ?

      Just checked my Ping and it explains why im so far behind half the time, given that 75% of the online community come from the USA and I constantly get into USA hosted lobbies Remember the game will run fine on 2 download, and very few dont have that, the ping is far more important, its the difference between the time you see each other and the time it takes for the bullets to register. They say around 30 ping is decent, anything upto about 80 is fair. Ive seen some youtube guys with 0 ping, I mean WTF seriously


      Ping to a euro host  >



      Ping to a US host  >



      Disheartening for a british cod wiiu gamer to say the least


      Check yours and post the results. I had to post links as I couldnt work out how to post the images, but they open and work fine