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    Ping - whats yours ? are UK gamers at a disadvantage in FPS?

      Internet speed isnt really that important in online gaming, if you can run around 2 download your fine, its the bandwidth that causes issues regarding speed if theres lots of things using your line at once, sp speed isnt the be all and end all as many think. Ping however is vital. Raw speed is tested from your hub to your ISP station, so in my case its about 60 miles away from my home, and my speed is 12 download, can vary between 10-15, its the best I can get in my area, which is way above to 1.5/2.00 needed to be competitive.


      Ping is the real issue for many, given that its the overall time from shooting to killing, so in laymens terms, its the time it takes for the information on your screen (ie shooting a bullet)  to go thru your internet line to your isp station, to the hosts station, then to the hosts screen to register, then all the way back to you and other players in the lobby. The lower the ping , the more time get, the crisper the bullets will feel, less to kill etc etc and you`ll see people with a much higher ping before they see you, hence the feeling you get about being shot around corners, and dropped in 1 shot, or taking you 15 bullets to kill etc etc. Now this isnt just a wiiU thing, as ive seen lots of youtubers saying about the shooting around corners is back in ghosts, so its a general thing to do with IWs coding as it didnt happen in Blops 2.


      So after getting my arse handed too me pretty much in every game since I got Ghosts, and after being constantly out in US hosted lobbies, feeling I was way behind all the time, its been NO fun at all. Then today I played in a EURO party, domination, and we hosted, not me, but my team, and though I didnt dominate, I did waaaaay better than any other games on ghosts, the game ran much smooter, people died quicker, and I was averaging 28-30 kills per game, wheras its been around 8 when im in a US lobby.


      So I did a few ping tests, to various stations ive posted the average pings below>


      Heres the average ping from me to a european host >




      Heres the average ping from me to a US host >




      Please note the grades on each test and bear in mind that on the better connection it says "some online games may not perform optimaly" that connection btw is well within the figures for being on a level playing field on online gaming. So if a B grade says that, imagine what its like playing on a D !


      If my thinking is correct that the vast majority of our gaming community are from the US side of the world, and the playing figures suggest so, then you can see that the average UK gamer is at a huge disadvantage when in a US lobby.


      Im very interested to know what a US connections ping to the UK is? Can someone test?


      www.pingtest.net, and choose hover over the map and choose a server in the UK.


      Im not complaining, ive always known this, but its good to read the figures and know I havent become a scrub over night. As I said many times before, I get in the same positions as in other cods, but people just dont die.


      Its partly my own fault as I like to game in the evening when the US players get online, hence I keep getting put in US lobbies, and getting own, but there are no UK lobbies at that time, orat least the IW system doesnt recognise any worthy of hosting the superior US connections.


      I mean seriously, how can a guy with a 4 kdr in blops2, and a 1.30 in ghosts despite my lag and absolute hammerings, play 5 games of search and rescue and go 0-8/0-6/0-7/0-6/0-8 (I was completeing a challenge for SnR, needed 1 kills, thats the reason I stayed playing). Playing in the afternoon UK time isnt that good either, its either full partys of germans or french in domination, or campy as hell tdm players, every other mode is empty. The modes fill up at night, but the lag makes them unplayable.




      Cheers guys - check your own figures