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        Guess what I ordered!  Not one, but two brand spanking new Hawkeye shirts!  The Superhero Stuff website just added a ton of new shirts, quite a few of them being ones for Clint and they were so cool I couldn't resist.  One shirt is purple and has a shot of Clint poised for action (taken from the cover of Avengers #189, where he fights Deathbird!) and it has the 80's Hawkeye logo from the Gruenwald series over him.  The other shirt I got is more abstract, it has a side view of Clint's head with the mask lookin pretty hawkish and his hand is in front of his mouth holding onto an arrow and the bow is in a big V shape surround his head.  My description doesn't make it sound as cool as it looks, haha, but if ya check out the site and look under Hawkeye ya can see it.  They also added a cover from Fraction's Hawkeye series, recolored purple instead of red, and I gotta say it looks pretty nice too.  I feel it'd be dishonest if I bought it though, haha.  The two classic Clint shirts are more than enough anyway and I'm hopeful I'll get em in time to wear one of em to see Cap 2!


        I also watched the Assembling a Universe documentary.  The first 50 minutes weren't too world shattering, they briefly talked about each movie, the one shots, and the SHIELD show.  I was pleasantly surprised by how much Clint popped up, both when they talked about Thor and when they discussed the Avengers.  Considering he's only had ten minutes of screen time, ya saw quite a bit of him!  The Guardians teaser was pretty cool, as it showed a lot of behind the scenes stuff with em filming on green screens and doing stunts.  Sadly, they didn't give away TOO much about Age of Ultron, but we did see concept art for Wanda and Pietro (Quicksilver looks SO good! And notice the robots he's running past!) and we learn what Hulk was doing in South Africa...fighting fricken Hulkbuster armor!  So cool.  They even showed em doing some of the filming and I spotted what looks like a giant armored fist.  I'm a little disappointed by the Scarlet Witch concept art though.  First off, no curly hair. Boooo.  Get that woman a hair curler, haha.  Second, she looks incredibly plain.  I do like they put her in stockings as a nod to her classic look, but the white shirt/skirt and red jacket looks even more boring than Clint's SHIELD uniform and that's saying something, haha.  Maybe its just a temporary outfit since Pietro looks like he's wearing a proper uniform and Wanda looks like she just left the house to pick up some milk.

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          @Hawk: I'm shocked.  You never buy Hawkeye shirts!  And on the rare occasion that you do, you're always totally unenthusiastic about them!  haha, sounds like some cool ones, though.  I still don't really have any comic-related clothes at all.  That probably shouldn't be surprising, considering the fact that I probably haven't bought new clothes besides socks in a couple years.  Of course, I bet they make Avengers socks...


          I ended up watching it, too!  It was pretty cool, even if I already knew a lot of the stuff they talked about.  There were some cool insights to the movies, though, and the concept art at the end was pretty cool.  They did a pretty good job with Quicksilver, and the Hulkbuster is awesome as always.  I wasn't exactly blown away by Wanda's look, either.  I'd rather see something like her Uncanny Avengers costume.  Seems like that'd be a simple and down-to-earth costume that would still be classic Wanda. 


          Nobody remembers Clint being a competent leader, Hawk!  It's all about getting beat up by tracksuit losers and giving pizza to dogs!  You're just imagining all that time he led the Thunderbolts.


          I'm almost done with the sequel now, too, I think!  It looks like I only got the final dungeon left, though they are known to try to throw you off by building up to fake final battles.  After that I'll be ready to start the remake of FFX, though.  I'll be picking it up on Friday, so that'll be pretty cool.  X is one of my favorite Final Fantasy games, and I've still never played X-2, so this will give me a good reason to finally play it.  To make it even better, it's the international edition version of X, which means it has all kinds of bonus stuff that's not in the original version. 


          How is PS Plus on the PS4 anyway?  Sounds like you get tons of free games on it like on the PS3.  I've heard Don't Starve is supposed to be really good, though I haven't played it.  It kinda reminds me of the old Oregon Trail game, actually, except without the traveling part.  It's probably a lot deeper than Oregon Trail was, of course. 


          @Iron: Yeah, Flash and Hawkgirl are probably two of my favorites so far.  And Batman, of course.  It's Batman, though, so that almost goes without saying. 

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            Hawk so glad you got your Hawkeye shirts they will go well with our Hawkeye pj's, lol. The art on the shirt sounds cool.


            Didn't watch the special as I like the magic of movies to stay magical and when they show you all the tricks of the trade it ruins it for me, plus I don't want to know too many spoilers of Avengers 2.


            Rogue really all the characters are well done and well voiced. It is funny years ago before Batman became so popular and dark I liked him but now it seems all the focus in on how dark and gritty he is and it starts to get really old for me. He is always way too grumpy and intense for me, its like lighten up every once in while Bats, take a chill pill. Batman needs to get drunk and live a little or see a shrink so he can move on for goodness sakes, lol.


            Some of my fav episodes have the injustice league and then Gorilla Grodd forms a team and that is a really cool two part story with probably the best group fight of any of their shows, just awesome!

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              Hey now, with these two I'm only up to three!  I should have at least seven!  Haha, I don't actually wear the Hawkeye shirt I already have all that much, cause I don't wanna wear it out from lots of washing so having three will be pretty nice in allowing me to wear Hawkeye shirts more often.  They have some cool Black Widow shirts too, if ya wanna update that wardrobe just a little bit, haha.  I'm not sure about socks, but I've seen Avenger underwear and swim trunks for kids.  I'm sure you can squeeze into em....


              Yeah, her Uncanny Avengers costume is pretty sweet.  I also feel like the concept art doesn't really fit with Wanda's personality.  I know she's supposed to be early 20's in the movie, but it feels a little too....I don't know, hip?  I'd expect something like that from a young Jan, but it feels a little off for Wanda.  I like the skirt/stockings combo, but make the jacket go down to mid thigh or longer and the white feels really off to me.  Ya know, as widely different as the X-men Evolution-Wanda was from the 616 comic Wanda, I really dug her with the punk/goth look.  She had the big long trench coat and full body spandex with some rips and I thinks she had some black on it to break up the red.  It was a pretty cool re-imagining of her classic look for a teen.  I'm not saying movie-Wanda should go that root, but hopefully they make a few tweaks to that concept art and it comes together better on screen.  Oh, yeah, and curl her hair, at least a little bit.  There's so few characters in comics with curly hair and it makes Wanda a little unique.


              Haha, man, you have no idea how much I would love it if Marvel put that Thunderbolts run into TPB/hardcover.  Everything from the Ellis relaunch onward is collected into books, but you can only get the Thunderbolts/Avengers crossover stories from the Nicieza era in TPB (as far as I know).  From the issues I've collected, it was a pretty cool run and Clint got some awesome stories and characterization.  I love when he went to jail to protect the team, when he went to hell cause he was tricked into believing Bobbi's soul was stuck there and the rest of the Thunderbolts followed after him to assist their leader, and how he stood up to Herc when he wanted to beat Atlas's face in.  I really need to get back to buying more back issues to fill out that run.


              That is some pretty good timing, haha.  Did you plan to finish it just in time for FFX?  I think we've talked before about how I never got into FFX cause I don't like Tidus.  I did play through quite a bit of it, but it was cause of the cooler supporting cast.  I never played FFX-2 either, but worth a shot.  It's got a pretty bad reputation but hopefully you'll like it.  If not ya still have FFX anyway.  What sorta stuff did they add in?


              It's been pretty good!  I've been getting most of the big indie games that come out for free so even though I only have two retail games, I get quite a bit of use out of my PS4.  I think some retail games are supposed to be available for free later down the road, but I'm pretty satisfied with the indies and there's a bunch of indies coming out that I'm hoping I get for free, haha.

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                @Hawk: What's wrong with you?!  You need at least one for each day of the week!  How can you possibly go a day wearing a non-Hawkeye shirt?  Unless you just wear the same one everyday...


                Yeah, I wouldn't ever think of Wanda as being hip (though us using the word "hip" means we're not hip, right?).  Evolution Wanda was a pretty cool way to re-imagine her design in a way that made sense for that show.  It felt like an updated, teenage version of what Wanda might wear in that situation with the trench coat and all that.  This movie design doesn't really look inspired by the comics so much, kinda like how Clint's costume looks so generic.  She needs something like the comic version, like some curly hair, a big robe or coat, or even a wacky hairband thing! 


                That sounds like a really cool run of stories for Clint.  I'll have to get around to reading them someday.  I've read about it and know about what happened, but I've never had the chance to actually read the comics. 


                And I finished it today, so I guess I am just in time!  Yeah, I remember that you really hated Tidus.  I never found him to be so bad myself, though I do like the supporting cast more than him.  I almost always like the supporting cast more than the main character, though, so that's expected.  X-2 has a bit of a bad reputation for the story, but it's also got a reputation for having possibly the best battle system in the whole FF series, so there's that going for it!  They added a totally new sphere grid (the paths you use to level up) in this version, along with a few new abilities and some extra superboss fights. 


                Nice!  I don't usually end up spending too much money on indie games, but it could be a cool way to try them out on the PS4 without having to decide which ones to buy. 


                @Iron: They didn't really show any tricks of the trade.  They kinda gave a history of the movies and just talked about what they thought was cool about each movie.  The magic is safe. 


                The next episode is the first Injustice League one, I think!  Sounds like I'm in for a fun one then!

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                  @Rogue - Blame Marvel for not making more awesome Clint shirts, haha.


                  Yeah, Wanda has the stockings and a red jacket as nods to the comics, but you don't look at it and immediately think Scarlet Witch.  Those clothes might not be her superhero costume though, so maybe she'll break out something along the lines of the Uncanny costume later on.  I wouldn't have a problem if she just wears em for like the first act of the movie before she ends up an Avenger.


                  When ya start to have some money you should check out the Avengers/Thunderbolts crossover by Busiek & Nicieza which takes place when Clint is back on the Avengers.  The Thunderbolts, now led by Zemo, start making headlines for being heroes and Cap and some of the other Avengers are suspicious since last time the Thunderbolts got that much attention they were bad guys faking these heroic acts to take advantage of the perks of being heroes.  Clint feels split between his loyalty to the Thunderbolts and wants to believe they haven't fallen back into their bad villain roles and the Avengers, who have been his friends and family for such a long time.  It's a pretty hard position for him and only Wanda really understand what he's going through, what with her family situation.  And it really comes to a head in the final battle when Moonstone has gotten her powers turned up to 11 and is losing control and only he has a trick arrow that can take her out and Cap is telling him he has to hurt a woman he was in love with.  I'm almost positive I've scanned some parts of it and posted it on the old, old Hawkeye thread we used to have.  Cap is written as a bit of a jerk in it, but I remember liking it.


                  To be fair, I played it like 12 years ago and I think it was the Final Fantasy game I played after VIII, which I really liked.  Tidus and Squall are pretty much polar opposites, if I'm remembering em correctly, haha.  Squall is really reserved and introverted and Tidus is kinda goofy and not that bright.  I never really got into the sphere grid either.  Oh, that sounds like it could be fun!  Ya gonna try using the new grid and doing the extra bosses?


                  Yeah, PS4 is doing a great job of picking out the best Indie games from Steam and leaving out the lesser quality ones.  And they're pretty varied in genres too, which is cool so it aint just the same type of game over and over.  All the free games alone has been making the PS Plus worth the money.

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                    I finally entered the modern world of smartphones today.  I got an iphone 5c today for free, actually, so I figured it was finally time to upgrade from my old non-smartphone.  It's pretty weird to be able to check my email without turning on my desktop computer. 


                    @Hawk: I'm sure you're doing enough blaming that I don't need to blame them for it anymore. 


                    I could see it just being something she wears early on.  I really hope she gets something more costumey (costumetastic?  I don't know) later on, though.  Of course, Clint never got much of a costume in Avengers, so I guess you never know what they'll do. 


                    That sounds like a super cool story.  It really puts Clint in a tough situation between the two teams, and I've just always thought the earlier years of the Thunderbolts seemed so interesting in general with how people didn't trust them and all that.  Cap being written like a jerk seems to be a trend in crossovers and events now, though.  I think people just can't find a way to have the Avengers fight another superhero team without him acting like a jerk.  Unless it's Civil War, since Tony gets to act like the jerk then. 


                    Yeah, they are pretty different from each other, and I definitely like Squall a lot more.  It's interesting to see how Tidus really grows over the course of the game, though Squall's growth is more interesting.  I guess I've never been a huge fan of Tidus, but I also don't dislike him.  He's just kinda a decent main character to me.  Did you ever play Final Fantasy 9?  The main character, Zidane, would probably be more up your alley than Tidus.  While he's a lot more outgoing and optimistic than Squall, he's more clever and street-smart unlike Tidus.  And he's a thief, so he's obviously awesome.  Yeah, I'm using the new grid (since I got the game today), though I haven't had the chance to us it much yet.  It looks like the main differences are just that the paths of the different characters are closer together and cross a lot more often, so you can mix and match your abilities a little more.  Should be a nice change, since it's not as linear then but I'll have to use it more to see if it's useful or not.  We'll see about the extra bosses, since I'm not sure how many sidequests I'm going to do.  They're pretty crazy strong, so you need to do a lot more than just beat the game to be able to handle them, I think. 


                    Nice.  I'm going to have to check that out when I eventually get the PS4. 

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                      Awesome!  Do you plan on getting any cool mobiles games for it?


                      Clint got a costume, but it was based on the Ultimate Hawkeye costume, which is pretty low key.  Natasha's costume is pretty low key itself, it's just a black jumpsuit, but I feel like she works it better?  Or I guess we're just used to Natasha wearing it since it's her classic appearance and we're used to seeing Clint wear the purple and blue.  But hopefully Clint gets a more personalized outfit in Avengers 2 since he's not just an average SHIELD agent anymore and Wanda gets something cool too.


                      Yeah, you should try to get your hands on it when you have some spare cash!  Shouldn't be too hard to find on Amazon.  I like it when the Thunderbolts are largely a bunch of petty crooks that want to turn their life around.  I'm not big on having psychopaths like Green Goblin and Bullseye on the book or the current book which has anti-heroes like Punisher, Elektra, and Deadpool.  Those probably sell better though since Songbird can't exactly sell a book.  She really needs to get brought into the Avengers, her promotion to the big leagues is long overdue.  Clint once offered her a spot when he rejoined the Avengers, but she turned it down and in the Avengers Forever epic that Busiek wrote it had Songbird from the future, where she was an Avenger.  Avengers Forever is another great story ya should check out some time or really any of Busiek's Avengers run, haha.


                      I also liked the military academy aspect of FFVIII too and the game had some pretty cool set pieces; the failed assassination, when the school gets attacked, when ya have to escape the prison, and that mission in the beginning of the game where you have to liberate this city.  I also really liked how it was implied the evil witch from the future was Rinoa after use of the summoned monsters cause her to lose her memory and go insane.  I think FFX feels more religious with the focus on summoners and Yuna's pilgrimage, which doesn't click with me as much.  But I haven't played in a long, long time, so maybe I'd find it a bit more interesting if I replayed it since I don't remember all that much.  Nope!  I never played FF9 and I can't remember why, haha.  Sounds like something I should look into if I get the urge to play some JRPGs.  I've heard it's pretty good!  Awesome!  How far are you into the game so far?

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                        I was poking around the app store to see if there was anything cool, and I tried that free-to-play Marvel: War of Heroes game.  It was the most boring thing I've ever seen, though, so I already deleted it.  I might give Marvel Puzzle Quest another shot or something though (are you still playing that?).  I also noticed there's some really cool games that are on iOS like Knights of the Old Republic and some of the SNES Final Fantasy games.  I already have them, so I don't need to buy them again, but it was kinda funny seeing games like that available on a phone. 


                        Yeah, Widow's mostly had black jumpsuits for costumes, but that's not really a classic Clint look.  He looked too much like a generic SHIELD agent, so I'm hoping for something more superhero-like this time.  With some purple...


                        Hey, Songbird would totally sell me on a book! haha, I've always thought she was a cool character since I read up on her around MUA2.  She's kinda the best example of a Thunderbolt who really turned things around from being on the team, and it really seems crazy that there's like 3 million Avengers now, but she isn't one of them.  Is she even doing anything in the comics right now?


                        Yeah, the whole SeeD and Garden stuff was pretty cool.  Balamb Garden even had super cool background music.  Seriously, I want to go to a school that plays that all day long.  Man, you're making me want to replay FFVIII now!  It really was an awesome game.  The end of Disc 1 with the failed assassination might be my favorite part of the game.  It really ramps everything up, and you even get a one-on-one fight between Squall and Siefer before taking on Edea.  I wouldn't say the religious feel to the early stuff is something that draws me to FFX, since I really enjoy the parts later on that go against the whole Yevon religion thing.  I always like seeing characters in my RPGs break with traditions or go against whatever they're expected to do.  FF9 is pretty awesome.  It's kinda a throwback to classic Final Fantasy games in a more medieval setting with characters that fit certain job classes and stuff, and it's a little more light-hearted with some more humor.  I'm not too far in.  I played for like 2 and a half hours.  I'm not sure how much of it you remember, but I just got to the point where Tidus has met Yuna and the first few characters, Yuna got her first summon, and they're ready to set out for real on the journey. 

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                          What was that about?  Yup, I still play Puzzle Quest quite a bit!  I have 17 characters right now with modern Hawkeye as my highest at level 63.  I also have Cap and Thor at level 48, Wolverine at 45, Classic Storm and Iron Man at 44, classic Widow and classic Hawkeye are maxed out at 40, and below that at different levels are Moonstone, Hulk, classic Magneto, original Black Widow, grey suit Widow, Patch Wolverine, Black Panther, Daredevil, and Punisher.  Daredevil and Panther are two pretty new additions to the game and they also added Psylocke, but I haven't got her yet.  Right now there's also an event where ya can win the newly added Super Soldier Cap!  They've done some changes to the game too.  Now you can stack boosts, you can form alliances with friends and events have alliance rankings so ya can win more goodies, and they've changed PvP so that you can earn a little iso by not skipping through tons of fights.  But on the negative side, if you skip too many you'll have to start paying 10 iso to skip more.


                          Yup!  It looks like Renner is about to start filming so we might get some pics soon!


                          Don't forget her cool hair, haha.  What's crazy is that on the main Avengers book with 20+ people the likes of Hank Pym, Wasp, Scarlet Witch, and Vision aint among em!  I know Jan and Wanda are in Uncanny and Hank and Vision are in AI, but its still kinda crazy that we have X-Men guys like Sunspot and Cannonball on the big book and not any of those four, haha.  I wonder what will happen to Hank and Vision what with AI ending.  Maybe they'll end up in the relaunched Secret Avengers.  Not that I know of.  Last I remember Songbird was involved in some time travel story, but I don't know how that ended or what happened to her.  She's definitely not on the current T-Bolts team though.


                          Yeah, the whole build up to that part was super cool too.  I remember you broke into two teams, with one going through the sewers to sneak into that gate room so they could trap Edea on the float and then Squall and Irvine climbed along some rooftops to get into position for Irvine to snipe her, plus on top of all of that Rinoa sneaks out of her father's mansion to try to give the broach to Edea that would cancel out her powers or something.  It makes it feel like everyone is really involved and has a purpose, and then of course, Irvine loses his nerve and Squall has to convince him to take any shot cause the other group is expecting it.  He misses and ya get the cool cutscene of Squall racing through the crowds to attack Edea and gets a chunk of ice through his chest for his trouble.  I remember thinking they killed him when I first saw that, haha.  I really liked the Galbadia (I think that's the name?) Garden versus the Balamb Garden section too.  The garden was mobile at that point and ya had these military guys rappelling through the windows of classrooms and you had the teachers and kids trying to fight em off.  Everything is chaotic, Squall is running around from area to area trying to clear em out, you're hanging onto a rope fighting off guys as ya see the gardens slamming into each other,  So crazy and fun, haha.


                          You mean you haven't finished the game yet!  You're slacking, Rogue!  Haha, but that's pretty early into the game, yeah?  I remember there's a little bit before that when you meet Rikku after getting teleported from Tidus's home.