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        130. Re: Less People Currently on Ghosts than Blops 2????

        Not to the point where retailers STOPPED ACCEPTING USED COPIES. Even Activision has stated that Ghosts is WAY under what it should be. It has sold (as of last month) 34% less across all platforms as to what BO2 did just on the 360.

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          131. Re: Less People Currently on Ghosts than Blops 2????

          Most returned because players could not play it the same way as they did past games and refused to change or adapt how they played.

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            132. Re: Less People Currently on Ghosts than Blops 2????

            Wrong it does have weight in this argument. Youa re trying to use numbers to justify how well a game is. Numbers of players playing does not speak on how good a game is ever. Just how popular the game is with different groups of players. Not every game will be popular with everyone all the time. Being less popular does not make it a failure at all.


            CoD is by no means THE FPS.. that shows your limited understanding of fps games and probably lack of playing others.. CoD is by far no where near the best FPS ever made and never will be and never was. CoD is just another fps out of many. No better, no worse than any of them. For each have their issues.


            Ghosts is not made only for camping if you think so then you really are not that great of a player. I can camp or rush in ghosts and still go positive doing so. Why can I do so if no one else can since the game only susposedly cated to campers..(I could camp in any cod even BO2 just as easily as in ghosts). There are always going to be corners, there is always going to be rocks, windows, doorways, walls, (every past cod had these things too)unless the map is just an circle with nothing on it. Players should not be popping out and standing out so drastic from the backgrounds, for that is what cammo's are about.. making yourself less seen. Sounds like you have eye problems if you need players to be such high contrast from everything else that you can see them easier.


            No it is not obvious that it is fail. All that is obvious is that players dont like it as much because it does not cater to how they wanted to play with streaks that did have the job for them, small maps for easy spawn flips, bland colors that made players stand apart from the scnery and thus easy to see.


            Seems like you cant adapt by runing sitrept or bs or by taking your time to look around corners or look for the tell tale light that can be seen even outside of places. they gave up because it did not cater to their style, because it did not let them play how they wanted, that they had to adapt to the game and would not. Does not matter if they are the same 75 players you have played with for the past 100000 games. Just because you or them do not like it does not make it a failure. Just makes it a game that does not suit your expectations and not every game always will no matter how much you or them think they should.


            times change, games change, and either the people change or they get left behind and cry the game was ruined for them. When really it is themselves ruining the game for them by refusing to change or adapt how they play the game on each map and game mode isntead of thinking their skills should be able to be applied the same and never change ever.


            Nuketown was not shipped with the game unless you got a preorder version, there were many taht did not have it until later. and that map was the worst map ever made, next to freefall, which only barely beats out hijacked. 3 lane maps are terrible and never should have existed.. for look at WaW it never had or needed 3 lane maps for fast game play or fun game play or competitive game play.

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              133. Re: Less People Currently on Ghosts than Blops 2????

              The black ops series first came about in 2010, all the kids prefer what they got to play first.

              IMO BO2 was a god awful game.

              Black ops is nothing without zombies tbh, it's the reason why so many people buy it.

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                134. Re: Less People Currently on Ghosts than Blops 2????

                Cod Ghost Bought by many played by few.

                The game may be a success by sales but living up to expectations and entertaining its market its a big fat flop.

                Black Ops 2 is a tough act to follow too.

                Are we paying attention Activision?.

                Forum paid posters and their socks can rant to the contrary all day but anybody with a semi function brain can see the writing on the wall.

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                  135. Re: Less People Currently on Ghosts than Blops 2????

                  None here are forum paid posters defending the game because they are paid too.


                  Anyone with half a brain can see the only reason the numbers are low is because it does not cater to the rusher, streak whore, quick scoper, trick shotter as much as past games did. Those that only wanted to play how they wanted and any change requireing them to adapt was not to be tolerated ever and cried about because it ruined THEIR fun.


                  In otherwords BO2 noobs that think that was the only way the game was meant to be played and never played earlier games like WaW which did not need any of those things to be fun to play.

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                    136. Re: Less People Currently on Ghosts than Blops 2????

                    Its a dam shame because they have done something technically brilliant with Ghosts but its difficult to achieve that without sacrifricing a little bit of the fun element.

                    The things that make it difficult for your 'casual' gamer such as quick death, visibility, map layout, no OP weapons/classes, are the things that will make it feel like more of a grind/bore to play, especially if they don't overcome the learning curve/adaption.


                    You'd think that since COD is so many years in and i'd say the average player ability has increased that they'd welcome the expansion and challenge of playstyle.


                    I am still positive that if they bumped the core hp it would allow people to breath a little easier in game and perhaps if they are not dieing so fast (being punished quickly) it wouldn't feel so difficult. It will also reward aim.

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                      137. Re: Less People Currently on Ghosts than Blops 2????

                      I'm not sure where you are getting your numbers from. But your claim is false.


                      To save time you said "bo2 sold more copies on 360 than ghosts sold on all consoles combined"


                      Bo2 sold just over 12 million copies for 360.

                      Ghosts has sold 8.2 million on 360

                      And 7.5 million on ps3.

                      That's not counting next gen or PC. Next time you LIE make sure proof of your LIE can't be found so easily.

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                        138. Re: Less People Currently on Ghosts than Blops 2????

                        No at the moment around 25,000 play it on the xbox one.

                        When the Onslaught DLC came out, I would come onto Ghosts multiplayer and saw 54,000 players once, it stayed around that mark for a few days before coming down to around 43-45,000 people playing on average weekly. Since then it's dropped to around the 30,000 mark and when titanfall dropped dropped a bit below that.

                        Alot of people just don't want to give ghosts a chance, loads of people i've talked to have just said ghosts is ****, but never played it. If it don't have zombies or nuketown the cod game is 'gay or '****'. Alot of people judged ghosts without even playing it and it's just sad what the COD community has been reduced to. The COD community seem to think COD revolves around zombies. I saw the kind of comments when ali a made a video about rumours of Modern Warfare 4 this year, everyone raging in the comments because they wanted zombies. Black ops 2 wouldn't have sold nearly as much as it did without zombies and that is a fact. Any game that sells several million copies is NOT a fail, I'll tell you now therefore Ghosts is not a fail, it just didn't sell as much because of the reasons i've just stated. If anything in terms of quality, Ghosts is much better than black ops 2, way better connection, far less lag, a more diverse campaign, more new multiplayer modes, new systems etc.

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                          139. Re: Less People Currently on Ghosts than Blops 2????

                          If they catered to campers like you say they are the explosives would be worse and Danger Close wouldn't exist. Marathon wouldn't be infinite sprint and Agility wouldn't exist. Dead Silence would be even weaker and Sitrep would be more useless while Amplify would be just like SItrep Pro in MW3. The maps wouldn't be big all of them would be medium sized with many rooms or areas that have only one way to enter them or there would be two ways but both of them can be covered by one person. The spawns would be how they are now. The IEDs wouldn't have been nerfed instead they would of gotten buffed and perhaps made replenishable. The pointstreaks would be mostly overpowered aircraft. The Nine Bang wouldn't exist and neither would the EMP effect. They aren't catering to anyone in my opinion because the fact everything is dumbed down and too easy to use.

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