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    Join Ultim4t3 Un1on we r in gold division at lvl 15 join us today

      Join Ultim4t3 Un1on on XB1 and 360 a clan that can win and do teamwork, call out and clan wars.

      clan status is lvl 15

      Gold Division clan wars

      29 members

      clan kd 1.03

      w/l ratio 47%

      requirements are

      try to have at least 1kd or over if possible

      on everyday

      MUST PLAY CLAN WARS otherwise we cannot get into diamond division

      play with members and especially in clan wars

      and importantly if u r going to invite someone plz let me know ty

      My GT is PrIm3 DaReDeViL the commander message me to join

      we will try to win every clan war to the best of our abilities