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    Games you get bossed around in

      I love this type of game. Everyone has a mic, and someone, or 2 people just boss everyone else around because they "know what's best" because they have done the map a few times before.

      I don't go along with the stuff if I disagree with it, but if I agree with it then I absolutely will.


      A game I just had, one guy was trying to boss everyone around, but I would be "no, do this or this, or this hive" etc. It was on Nightfall. He even tried to argue that an Engineer was useless on the map, and it's only good if "you want the extra money".


      This came about because we got to the facility, and I said "Engineer, don't forget to be fully upgraded and turn the electric traps on". He (the bossy guy) then proceeded to have this little debate with me. Obviously my argument was simply "We'd end up spending lots on traps as non-engineers, and the traps would go out very fast, not getting many kills. Where as if the Engineer is upgraded fully, it kills stuff fast and the traps stay on longer. Ultimately meaning we don't get swarmed - especially when the rhino's come".


      Luckily, the person who was the Engineer had already upgraded the class fully, and did listen to me and constantly had them turned on. Ultimately, the bossy guy had about 16 downs, and the other 2 had about 6 or so. I had 0.


      I'm sure you've had similar experiences to this, but what was your game like where this happened?

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          Re: Games you get bossed around in

          i remember the day we helped one of my son's friend to get completionist on nightfall in order to get him platinium for ghost (61/61) At every challenge he said:" let's do this..."  or "be carefull , don't do that" ...even if since the 4th hive he said " you are a great team" he couldn't stop to give directive at each challenge.

          hopefully i was the only one who hear him (as you hadn't yet your headset , and if i remember codpro had it off as the guy spoke italian...)

          but in this case i don't think he wanted to be "bossy" as he was conscient that we didn't need someone to tell us what to do.

          it seems that kiddies ( or young players) must tell what they think and even when they try they can't stop the speak....most of them talk in continous and i admitted that sometimes if put my headset off.

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            Re: Games you get bossed around in

            There are definitely different conditions to the "bossy" player.

            I feel that often the games goes more smoothly when we have an experienced player take the lead [supported by the player stats]  Normally such experienced player is tactful with the guidance provided which fits great with this team oriented game.


            I feel that very often the player that comes off as "bossy" is a player that is nowhere as good as he thinks he is.

            I believe that we all had players with the worst stats, actually no escapes or victories try to tell us how to play the game.


            I just back out of the lobby after saying something like " You know so much better with your zero victories"

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                Re: Games you get bossed around in

                I don't mind experienced players saying stuff like "We should do this or this" but this guy was pretty bossy with, what appeared to be lack of experience. Just simply disagreeing the engineer was useless on Nightfall was a big no-no. Everyone who has played Nightfall and has completed it multiple times, will know that an Engineer is key to this map. It's definitely doable without one, but you end up wasting too much money and not getting it back from kills if you're activating the traps as a non-engineer.


                This guy definitely did think he was the bees knees though, I'm sure of it.

                I'm just glad the other person who was the Engineer, wasn't really listening to this guy because his tactics were wrong in my opinion.


                In the second and 3rd area, there are ways in which to do the hives in a certain order to make it less difficult. For instance, if you get the hive in the second area that is next to the vector, always do that one first. Never do it last because you EASILY get swarmed (or can do if your team isn't good)  and die.


                It's the same as not doing the center one, or left corner last in the Facility, because again, you can and will easily get swarmed - ESPECIALLY the center one. 3 rhino's + scorpions pelting you from all angles lol.


                I'm just grateful the engineer was also a prestige 10 and had about 20 victories, so she kne what she was doing and wasn't listening to him.

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                Re: Games you get bossed around in

                If someone tells you how to play and they're wrong, jut do as you did. State facts one of which would have been "engineer is essential because in the weapons facility the aliens drop in from above, having an upgraded engineer activating the two middle traps puts the electricity on at the top which will kill the majority of aliens and especially scorpions dropping in which would make it much easier.


                State facts whenever someone tell you how to play or if their fact is crap just tell them you don't need help.


                I helped a team escape on nightfall. I talked them through what to upgrade and to activate the traps and other stuff, when something needed chucking down (such as quick reload boost) I'd request it. Generally the people I helped were asking my advice on what to upgrade which is why I helped them. We successfully completed it too.


                Generally anyone who's completed the map with at least 3 relics with few downs most likely wouldn't need much advice however one of the only pieces of advice many people wouldn't know would be the trap one in Nightfall.


                If anyone tells me what to do most of the time I ignore it because the strategy I know of is better.


                One time a kid told us some stuff on what to do (this was a long time ago but I was still a high rank) and another player told the kid "Look at our ranks, I think we all know what to do."


                Sometimes people give advice in case their teammates don't know what to do sometimes.

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                    Re: Games you get bossed around in

                    Which is what I will do and do already do. I wont do something I disagree with especially if I know it's a bad decision, as explained above in my reply to Frenchy.


                    Advice, or a discussion is something I am all for, absolutely. It's just being bossed around I don't like lol.

                    By a discussion, I simply mean stuff like we discuss which hive to do, or who's going to upgrade what, and when etc.

                    I always ask that at the start of games I am in - who's upgrading what, and if people need certain (or any) achievements that we can aim for.

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                        Re: Games you get bossed around in

                        I may not have explained myself correctly I meant to agree with you but distinguish between bossy and helpful..


                        Since NF I find it so frustrating to get in the right lobby so I often give up to pick any random lobby.  Each and every time that I met the player described in your original message as finished poorly.  These know it all's just ruin our game.


                        Today I simply told one guy that he was just too good for me; that I would not be able to keep up to his awesomeness so he should go find his friends instead.

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                      Re: Games you get bossed around in

                      ive never been bossed around if someone tells me to change something i tell them click the lobby leaderboards and they shut up lol...i would have to say engineer is not necessary on nightfall since the traps are plenty strong without it but it does help if you want a drill protection bonus

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                        Re: Games you get bossed around in

                        I think the bossy guy is a creation of the stupid guy. More times than not I don't take offense to someone being aggressive about having the correct load outs because I have been on the receiving end of a terrible lobby too many times to count. Sometimes I would even find myself being "bossy" towards others in the lobby when they wanted to run some of the worst setups ever known to man.


                        However, I have learned to roll with the punches a lot better these days because I have already accomplished, for the most part, everything I wanted to. If every lobby was a dream lobby I think the draw of Extinction wouldn't be so enticing. Part of it is the new experience that you get with new teammates and their differing playstyles as long as they work effectively.

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