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    Looking for a Xbox 360 clan

      I am currently a leader of a clan that's been the same clan since about Black Op's 1, give or take a few changes in the members dept. We reached clan level 50 on MW3 and 46 on Black Op's 2. Right now we're clan level 17 on Ghosts but a lot of my members have drifted off and never came back. They either don't come online, when they do they don't help out with clan wars or just sit and play other games/watch Netflix. There are 38 members and our over all KD is pretty poor, my KD isn't very good either and so that's why no other clan will have me but I'm getting to the stage where I don't wanna run the clan anymore, I'd like to just be in another clan so if you have room for me after looking at my stats then please drop me a invite or if anyone has a heaps of guys and girls that wanna do something with this current clan again msg me. Thanks.

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