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    Extinction Clan?????


      I've heard people talking about extinction clans, but can you acutely have one???? Or do people just call them that??!!

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          We use the clan format as a master players list of Extinction Shooters. We play together a lot in Extinction but currently get no clan XP for that... Sometiumes a few of us mosey into MP to play and earn there so it works out.

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              IW really coulda put some more thought into Extinction, well actually not really. They could have copied BLOP2 in a few ways and give us Extinction Challenges every week that would have helped earn some CXP.

              -most cryp kills

              -most hives destroyed

              -most escapes


              -etc etc....

              We could earn more for playing Extinction with fellow clanners instead of randoms. They could even run these "mini" Extinction events during the off-week of clanwars so even if your clan is not all that good or simply doesn't stand a chance in CW's you (we) would still have the chance to level up our clans!