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    PS4 frame rate issues recently (March)


      Hi guys


      Im wondering if anyone else is experiencing frequent frame rate drops in multiplayer. Especially the past few days. Any ideas why that might be?


      Thanks a lot



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          Its been like that,idk how long but i got my ps4 1st week of feb and been like that since launch i heard. They have to fix that

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            It's because PS4 is right now locked to max out at 60hz and COD Ghosts is frequently going above 60fps which is causing the shuddering and what seems like frame rate drops.  So basically IW needs to lock the frames at 60fps so they stop going over the needed amount and that would cause the shuddering also known as "frame rate drops".  Even when you experience frame rate drops they don't last long and really aren't that noticeable on here.  At worst the game might drop to 40fps is someone is running 2 choppers, a couple of care package choppers come inbound, a Trinity rocket, and everyone on the map shooting at the same time.  It would really take a lot for the engine to get stressed and have frame rate drops.  So like I said IW needs to simply lock the fps at 60 max and the game would stop doing this.

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              ya ive heard of this and i didnt used to get so many frame drops in a game.


              ive restarted my router and gonna play again today. Could it be due to the clan wars happening?

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                Some days are better than other days on here.  The big thing I noticed is certain parts of certain maps are worse than other parts of the map.  Also depends on how overloaded the servers get with requests.  But your connection has nothing to do with frame rate drops/shuddering.

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                  Framerate issues were apparent on the PS4 upon release date (even in pre-release it was noticed and talked about).  However, the 1.62 firmware update which was supposed to address several stability issues seems to have done the opposite.  In my experience on 2 different PS4s, since the 1.62 update, the framerate drops on the PS4 with Ghosts has increased about 10 fold.  It used to be a generally rare occurrence, but I am seeing the drops several times a game and in some, it makes the match nearly unplayable.  They went backwards with the latest PS firmware.

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                    Yet again I will say the frame rate drops have nothing to do with PS4 it is because of IW not setting up the game correctly.  PS4 has more than capable power of handling almost any game a PC can handle yet IW still managed to make a game that wouldn't work correctly on it.

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                      Oh, I agree.  Whatever IW does and whatever Sony does isn't matching up and thus we have the framerate drops.  The 1.62 update just made whatever IW has wrong, worse.  I was just commenting about how the 1.62 update impacted the performance of Ghosts - the 1.62 update was a backwards move for that in itself - not necessarily for all of PS4.

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                        Thanks guys


                        I was on the verge of buying a new router cause i thought it was the router (wired connection). However i may upgrade my internet to download all the updates / maps faster.


                        thanks again

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                          Yeh also having framerate issue over the past few days, was running smooth as hell before!

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