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        180. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 3 Updates (3/4/14)

        Please take Whiteout out of Infected.  Over by the grounded ship/helicopter, there is a glitch there where someone can get inside of a rock. Here they are able to kill countless amounts of zombies and not be killed themselves.  For some reason people keep trying to kill the glitcher until he gets a chem strike. People start leaving but that just leaves empty spaces for more people to join, and then die.. restarting the survivor clock and giving the glitcher another 2 minutes of ranking up. so please take this level out or fix...

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          181. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 3 Updates (3/4/14)

          In this new patch (3/4/14) I saw this error with blast shield on the standard game mode, its not working the way it should be. There is video illustrating the issue, COD Ghost March(3/4/14) Patch Blast Shield Nerfed - YouTube

          Can you guys check it out, see if you can fix it. That perk is out there to protect us from explosive damage, and if it can't do its job than its useless.

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            182. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 3 Updates (3/4/14)

            That's great that they let you shoot people throwing C4 but what about when they are using THROWING KNIVES? I can be straight up shooting the shield guy in the head with rapid fire waiting for him to drop the shield then POOF! I'm dead. They shouldn't have enough time to drop a shield and throw a knife if they are being shot in the face.

            Weapon/Perk Balance

              • Patched 3rd person throw animations for explosives when using the Riotshield. This change moves the shield to the side exposing the thrower to attack.
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              183. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 3 Updates (3/4/14)

              Yes, never thought of that, Rust was a very small map yet I never got to see anyone spawn in.


              My main problem with the spawns are the closeness in proximity where players you have just killed get to spawn. For example, I can kill a camper with the riot shield and his buddies all hiding in a room then less then less than 6 seconds later they are all rushing in on me before I can reload and get out of that same room.


              This happens a lot of Warhawk. I can run up the stairs to the 2nd floor sniper rooms, kill everybody, including the guy at the window with the MTAR then when I try to run back out the riot shield guy is already coming back up the stairs because I guess he spawned below me on the 1st floor or right outside the door. Last night I tried to jump over him, turn around, and stab him in the back, unfortunately that didn't work because the other 2 campers spawned in the bar and immediately aimed at the stairs too, so this exposed my back and got me killed. You just can't stay alive anymore, there's no time to reload nor run away from the people you just killed because of the dumb spawns.

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                184. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 3 Updates (3/4/14)

                I really hate the map Free-fall and why was it called pre order bonus if you actually put it in the game. I want to have the option to turn the dlc of or to choose the maps from the dlc I want to play. And do something about the hacking in this game you just have to watch youtube and there are a lot of vids of people hacking and even promoting it.

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                  185. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 3 Updates (3/4/14)

                  To be honest,

                  The hackers need to be taken care of  these blank square box no emblem guys we report that are hackers are still in lobbies . i've found squads more fun than dealing with the hacks all the time on ps3 in MP lobbies. but i also have to say if you play a mode wether it be MP,SQUADS,WHATEVER  it should count meaning  completeing challanges ,patches,camos, helmets ,faces,and suits you're K/D going up or down. for some reason it was working in squads for a few days on ONSLAUGHT but it stoped , guess it was a glitch or something.

                  I enjoy the new maps and Michael Myers fun character to play thanks  for adding him & fog and the easter eggs you did it right.but the spawns on the new maps are horrid . you spawn infront on a enemy or they wait for you to respawn and then easy kill.

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                    186. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 3 Updates (3/4/14)

                    had a strange thing happen the other day on one of the new maps. Points earned, max game score for both sides were all set to 9999. a few people could not be killed, and everyone was teleported to top of a building at random intervals. Was this a glitch or did someone hack the game to cause it? I enjoyed jumping almost completely to a second prestige, but hope to never see this again. It caused the match to drag on and on.

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                      187. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 3 Updates (3/4/14)

                      Why are you fixing the sniper rifles its harder than ever to get into sniping and to get the ghillie suit because sniping sucks right now. First you take away aim assist and the crosshairs and now your making the ads times longer and longer  to a point where you have to basically no scope to have even a chance of getting a kill. You cant quickscope any more because you die so quick so that takes away short to medieum playing, and i might as well use an lmg for longrange that can do the same thing and it will work in short to medieum ranges too. I might as well just go to battlefield or go back to old call of dutys. Its not even fun to snipe anymore. Cod ghosts sniping has sucked and always will unless you fix it.

                      This guy makes a great video that you should really look over and this is not my video i do not own it.


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                        188. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 3 Updates (3/4/14)

                        fix the servers

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                          189. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 3 Updates (3/4/14)

                          One thing is for sure the Hackers are horrid in this game worst ive ever seen. aim bots, wall hacks , you put out updates with hack fixes the hackers write new 1. weather its playing TDM,DOM,KC,CRANKED, you name it , guys running wild on ps3  you can spot them a mile away  all you have to do is look for the (BLANK BOX) where your PRESTIGE should be  & they think its funny and don't care and beleive act and iw wont ban them. it would be awsome if this game was hack free but hackers love this game more than other cods. there should be a penalty system in place for people that camp on cranked like some sort of timer not just a 30 sec timer after a kill. just my opinion. after this last update people are seeing through walls prefiring  with a all match uav hack. your doomed from the start. i mean come on this game could be so good and it just keeps getting worse and dlc wont fix it just mask it. please do a better job at fixes like spawns and hacks.

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