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    Over 1.8 k/d 4 w/l player looking for a clan

      Hey ya'll I need an Xbox One clan.

      Last clan I joined, homidical gaming, was wayyyyyy to pushy and unorganized so I'm looking for a new clan that meets three requirements.


      1)Must be Xbox based! I don't care if there is like a few PS3/4 players but I am an xbox one player and would like at least 20+ active xbox one players.


      2)Must like to do things outside of clan wars! I play a TON of zombies and a decent amount of other CoDs and GTA, titan fall ect. so having players to do this with would be fun.


      3) Must have basic requirements.  So like an age/maturity cap and some basic skill line to pass.  EG like a 1 k/d and be like 16 years old.


      Thanks for reading and contact me in game.

      My GT is Fog825.

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