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    IW staff...are you dumb?

      Why Am I constantly put into the same lobby again and again? Even when I leave a match because I do not like the map and research...WHAT DO YOU KNOW! IM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This game is fun sometimes but most the time there is stupid annoying things like this. LISTEN TO THE COMMUNITY AND CHANGE SOME THINGS!

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          1.)   I think being put in a lobby with a good connection is the primary point of matchmaking.


          2.)   I hate playing matches where its 3 vs 6, if players on my team leAVE, i WANT IT TO RPOPU;LATE.


          3.)  I dont like playing dom on free fall.


               now ..... pick any two choices, but keep in mind that picking #3 negates your right to pick either #1 or #2

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            They aren't dumb they got you to pay for their game. They just don't care about customers or their game they have no pride in it either.

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              Stop lobby shopping and you don't have to worry about it. You are blaming them for being entitled? Sounds legit.

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                haha , I thought I was the only one that had that prob , a match starts in containment , I hate that map its my choice to leave so I leave , wait a few choose find NEW game , get put back in the same spot lol , but when im get randomly booted from my friends and try and rejoin it gives me a new map and group , when I want back in it doesn't but when I don't it does ? go figure

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                  I noticed the samething after the last patch, i think they are trying to combat the fact that when a player with a high k/d and w/l is in a room if people do not get on their team they quit out. It happens to me and the 2 guys in my clan. We all have k/ds around 2.0 and w/l about the same. As soon as the lobby picks teams anyone with a k/d over 1.0 on the opposite team as us quits out. Sucks for us because we have to wait in lobbies for ever. We even stopped using our clan tag so it doesnt look like we are groupped together. If people where not scared of competition and did not want their wins handed to them it wouldnt be an issue.

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                    Wait 30 seconds before choosing find game again or you could switch game modes or you could just do the unthinkable and play that map that you don't like.  I certainly have some maps that I don't prefer but there's not a single one that I won't play.  I have never understood why some folks get so torn up just from the thought of playing on a particular map.  However, if you insist on lobby shopping then you are going to have to make some changes to how you do it.  The game doesn't base it's search criteria on anything other than connection.  To think that the second you leave a match that the game found to be your best connection option, that you are going to immediately be thrown in a different lobby is a bit silly because you haven't given any time for a better lobby to surface.  The devs don't need to implement some special code to appease those that lack the patience to solve their own issues  This is not COD al la carte.