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    Motion Blur? Color Scheme? Headaches? ...Connected?

      So, I was just watching this older Vsauce video (What Is Video ?? - YouTube) on video that had a specific section dealing with motion blur..or the lack thereof. It stated that things being "too HD, that is, high resolution and high frames per second, which results in no motion blur and no chance for our brains to create it (because the  images/video itself is too exact) can cause headaches. I bring this up because I remember some of my friends, at the beginning of this game's life cycle, were saying that they couldn't play this game because it was giving them headaches. This made me think of it.

      I personally do not think or remember noticing any motion blur in Ghosts..only skipped frames most likely caused by lag. I also don't believe I've had any headaches (literally not figuratively...) caused by this game. What are your thoughts?

      I added in the color scheme part because I feel that that the choice of a really dark and dull scheme either contributes directly or amplifies those circumstances in some way. Does it fit the style and message? ...Yeahh I suppose you could say that. Is it great in the long run? I'd say no.







      P.S. The newer video I was watching, which is related and also a good view, is on the "resolution" of the human eye. What Is The Resolution Of The Eye? - YouTube ..Ahh link auto-changing to the title.. Anyway, feel free to ignore this part..cuz I'm not sure it applies to the actual discussion...