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        TBH, though, I have an appreciation for b&w movies. And The Longest Day is one that I think helps explain it. The scenes where Richard Burton's character has to deal with the Nazi's after his plane is shot down is cinema at its finest. The movie relies upon Burton's acting skills and he comes through big time - especially the part where the GI comes across him and gives him a cigarette. Those are scenes that should only be seen in B&W.


        To Kill a Mockingbird with Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch, also, is a B&W only movie. For the same reasons: the movie is 100% dependent upon the vernacular skills of the actors; there is no dependence upon filmatic realism or special effects.


        By comparison, the movie A Few Good Men could only have been better had it been in b&w. When he is on the stand, Nicholson's facial color, and even Cruise's seeming paleness just before he dares to challenge Nicholson, to me, distract from the facial flinches and overall physiological tension that should be in the scene. Also, if you consider Demi Moore's character, because the film is in color, we are totally lost in her beauty. The problem is that her character is meant to be a soft, Jungian anima. Yes, she is incredibly smart - but she is what Carl Jung would call the anima of the story and black and white film would have better highlighted a soft glow of a motherly figure. Color doesn't ruin the movie by any means, but I think it would have been better in black and white.


        lol ... But for all that, I am now curious to see The Longest Day in Color.

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          Yeah love that scene

          " what do you notice about that German over there.....he's got his boots on the wrong feet"

          I agree that films now rely more on CGI than an actor's ability on the whole and if you can achieve both you create a rare thing indeed (Gravity springs to mind)

          There is a Clouzot movie called "wages of fear" that could only ever be in B&W, which is a true masterclass of acting ability and probably my favourite movie of all time, although I hate to make lists because there is so much awesome stuff out there.

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            The Hunter, I think that was Steve McQueens last movie

            The Score, good Robert De Niro movie.

            The Searchers, John Wayne classic

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                cranium2001 wrote:



                Warriors, come out to play yay..........



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