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    Switching from wiimote to normal controller - any tips?

      Played with wiimote since I started cod, its whats ive always done, its what got me back into gaming and ive tried in the past and failed miserbaly with a proper controller.


      So as you know im looking at switching consoles so need to get used to the other controller, you guys who have done this got any tips?


      Just played 3 tdms on nuketown 2025, 1st 2 on recruit, 44-4 and 37-2, then upped the ante to regular and scored 17-7. Now I know these bots are a world away from real life, but the playing numbers get me wet! Currently 220k online, and they have hardcore domination!! Every mode is bursting with numbers, so im willing to get my head down, take beatings and get better.


      The question is, how long do I play bots for? And do you guys have any advice for using sticks having moved from wiimote?


      I dont wana play pubs yet coz ill get owned, im way off that, my confidence will drop. What sensitivity do I play on ? At the moment im on default, and it feels almost robotic, that being said it does drag me onto targets, which I like, coz I suck, lol


      Cheers guys,



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