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    whiteout glitch hilarious!

      so this pair of split-screeners were continuously getting into this glitch, and my teammates kept dieing trying to figure out what to do. i started running in a loop from the helicopter through the ice cave thing, down to/around the canyon area and taking the path that leads up to the ship (not the cave lit up with a red flare) and immediately adsing and firing in the dead-center of the rock. 5-6 ap rounds and he was dead every time. just figured id share the best way to take the cheaters out with you all.

      normally i would have asked the entire lobby to report but i didnt even bother it was so damn funny.

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          Re: whiteout glitch hilarious!

          even funnier he spent the next match with his buddy cowering in a corner on prison break and went very negative. it just shocks me how quickly he got into the glitch which is slow to get into and he was there immediately, like he spent time practicing, but doesnt spend the time to get better at the game. people are strange...

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            Re: whiteout glitch hilarious!

            I remember a guy doing that. I noticed he was like 6-0 and and saw bullets coming out of the ice. I shot  randomly at it and got a kill. He continuously went back to it over and over and over and over after I repeatedly kept killing him. He ended very negative. You'd think people would learn from their mistakes but guess not.....

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