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        170. Re: For people who don't know any better. Helpful hints for detecting hackers.

        the PM-9, AK-47, and AA-12 arent that bad but when they kill you with little bullets then theres a problem

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          171. Re: For people who don't know any better. Helpful hints for detecting hackers.

          I think my whole concept of talking about kill/death ratio needs to be clarified some. What I have said pertains to kill/death ratios based on the people I play with. It appears the competition level is different from 1 country to the next. The people I play with rarely have a kill/death ratio over 2.00. Therefore, when I see someone with a kill/death ratio above 2, 3, 4 or more its usually a hacker.


          I have 3 profiles on MW3. Ratios range from 2.80 to over 4.00.


          Now, if I took my wii to pwnsweet`s house and played, my kill/death ratio probably would double based on the level of competition that he plays with. Then I would protest like you guys do about having a high kill/death ratio without cheating.

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            172. Re: For people who don't know any better. Helpful hints for detecting hackers.

            But...if you yourself have K/Ds over 2, then shouldn't you be a cheater yourself by your own standards? Looks to me like more evidence that you believe that you are better than everyone else and that anyone who beats you cheats.


            I am done with this debate. Your lack of logic and consistency is just mind-boggling. Good day.

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              173. Re: For people who don't know any better. Helpful hints for detecting hackers.

              You dont have to reply codcanuck on what Im saying.


              I dont do the broadcasting my games on youtube like some people but when my girlfriend watches me play I will narrate it for her. 2 months ago I was playing and I said, I have to rank in the top 100 of MW3 players. She replied, I thought you were higher than that.I said, I didnt want to brag or put myself too high.


              I probably play the game wrong to some people, but my whole thing is not to get killed. When you get killed, all you do is give the other team points. I try to kill without all the deaths. My goal is not to win as an individual at the end of the game but do good as an individual and win as a team. This is where the game itself is wrong.


              1. john doe  27-15

              2. me          26-0


              Tell me how this guy (john doe) should be in first when the game ends and I obviously helped the team more than he did. The guy with the highest k/d should win as an individual. Like I said, thats where the game is wrong.


              Once I had a guy ally me and I accepted. He ask me if I wanted to be in his clan. I declined because I was clanned out at the time.Didnt wont anymore parts of that. Anyway, we still played together a lot til I noticed these guys were cheating. Plus I heard them talking about it on the mic. We played at hardhat once and at the end of the game the guy ask me on the mic, HOW COME YOU DONT EVER GET KILLED? I didnt say anything because my mic wasnt plugged in but he has seen me play enough to know I dont get killed a lot.


              Now do I get killed legit, hell yeah. More than getting killed legit, like I said in one of my other post, lag kills me, not the players. A gun that cuts me down a lot real quick is the PP90M1. Where I play that gun cannot level you quick unless its a headshot. I have tried every setting on the pp90m1 and it takes most of the clip to kill someone. This is what I blame on lag. When you use a siliencer on any weapon, thats a good way to actually see/hear lag.


              Getting back to what you said about kill/death ratio. Am I good, no doubt, do I rank up there with the best, no doubt and my kill/death ratio tells me so. Every game I play I always look at the broke lobby leaderboards and its extreme rare when I see someone with a higher kill/death ratio than me and mine was low when the board broke.

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                174. Re: For people who don't know any better. Helpful hints for detecting hackers.

                when i play at my friend place only to bars cant hardly play, when i see other with only 2 bars they get over 20+  kills a game i call bullshit on that i bet someone hacking

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