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    [XBOX CLAN] Join KBS- K-illedB-yS-avages

      New Blackops clan that needs new members and destroys competition. We dominate in TDM, HS&D, HTDM, HHQ, and pretty much everything we participate in. Join our clan:


      Clan Application:



      Current Level:

      Current Prestige:

      K/D(Kill/Death Ratio):

      Favorite Weapon to use?:

      How old are you?:

      Explain in at least 50 words, why we should let you join, if the paragraph isn't in the liking we will evaluate you in-game:


      Thanks and hope you guys want to join the fight for control over Black ops.

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          Re: [XBOX CLAN] Join KBS- K-illedB-yS-avages



          currernt level-50

          prestige level-didnt prestige yet


          Fav Gun-M16 & Galil



          You should let me join because im always online.I never rage,once im in a clan im in it for life i never leave a clan unless im kicked out of it i dont disrespect the leaders of the clan. if u have a website i will stay in touch on the forums. and i never rage quit

          .and the reason i have a low k/d is beacause i dont care about deaths

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            Re: [XBOX CLAN] Join KBS- K-illedB-yS-avages

            Wicked Mcsnipes _ is this the clan? for KBS ninja? if so, let me know  and send me a request so i can join the clan

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              Re: [XBOX CLAN] Join KBS- K-illedB-yS-avages

              Clan Application :

              Gamertag - Wicked Mcsnipes

              Current level - 31

              K/D - >1.00 even

              Favorite gun - usr, and bizon

              age - 18


              i wold like to join KBS because i am a competitive gamer, who is good at quick scoping, riot shielding, and all around sub - machine gunner. I don't care about k/d, but i do go positive  in almost every game, will always be part of the team,  amd will respect my clan leaders and members. I dont rage quit, and i will always be in contact with the members and leaders of the clan. also will keep up on forums.

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                Re: [XBOX CLAN] Join KBS- K-illedB-yS-avages

                GamerTag: DEADLY TELETUBY

                Current Level: 50

                Current Prestige: 2

                K/D(Kill/Death Ratio): 1.05

                Favorite Weapon to use?: Galil

                How old are you?: 16

                Ive been playing COD for a while now and Im really looking to get more serious about it. I know my k/d isnt very high but its because I was very bad for a long time. But I am a lot better now and I can prove it. I hope you consider my candidacy for your clan.

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                  Re: [XBOX CLAN] Join KBS- K-illedB-yS-avages

                  Gamertag: leatherycow

                  Current Level: 14

                  Prestige: 1

                  K/D: 1.07

                  Favourite Weapon: An-94

                  Age: 21


                  I would like to join your clan because I do not have many friends that play cod, and I have proven by myself I can score in the top 3 every match. I am competitive but I do not rage quit. I dont care much about my K/D, but I am happy it is positive. I have played for a long time, but I am just getting into the clans and prestiging.

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                    Re: [XBOX CLAN] Join KBS- K-illedB-yS-avages


                    Current Level:level 34

                    Current Prestige: 1

                    K/D(Kill/Death Ratio): 1.11

                    Favorite Weapon to use?: Remington 870 or PDW

                    How old are you?: 16

                    why you should accept me in your clan? Well I'm a very nice guy, love to play and always on, willing to help anyone out. Once I'm in a clan I intend on never leaving. I'm as loyal as a dog. I'm a very good shot gunner and willing to teach so hit me up with a reply or message on xbox, hope you guys liked the paragraph <3 btw I'm from Australia and I'm willing to get up at the early hours to play a clan war

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                      Re: [XBOX CLAN] Join KBS- K-illedB-yS-avages

                      Gamertag: HELL BR3EZY

                      Current level: 55 (I don't plan to prestige)

                      Current Prestige: 0

                      Current K/D: .88

                      Favorite Weapon: AN94

                      My Age: 15


                      I believe that i should be able to join this wonderful clan of yours because I will respect the decision of higher rank members, I will do what I am told to do to win even if it makes me look like a worse player personally, I love playing and especially when i have a reason to play, and finally I will always be loyal to the clan until the day that my superiors drop me out of the clan.

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