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    What i would like to know is ,

      Why does the server always favor the French and the Germans so much,,,,iv'e played in some pretty bad matches , and been put on probation's because when going into the game , It's lagging like crazy,,,so i pull out, Next thing i know,,,i get told iam leaving games to early an put on a 5 min smack of the wrist Probation....is it my fault if the games lagging Nope....my conn speed is fine..yet iam getting my arse  handed to me every game by Players with much Inferier Ration than me......it really sucks....And why is it ¨know seems to me also we fire more ammo in hard core.....

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          Well, it goes like this ... how else are the Frenchies going to win at anything combat related? As for the Germans, to make sure they don't get out of hand again, they fall under French server control.

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              The French battle cry........ RUNNNNNNN AWAYYYYYYY!!!!!!

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                  Hey pugnax ... send a friend request via xbl ... I'll go to live.com and accept. Once you do, go to # 22 in my MW3 vault and you'll get a very direct answer to the question you posed earlier, "What is it that they do to get banned?" I just caught the guy a few minutes ago. He was running his mouth as the lobby was loading, had a 1.32 kdr ... and goes 41-0. I thought to myself, "BS" (mostly because of something I won't say here) "No way."


                  Sure enough, a review of the game helped me confirm something I noticed during the match. He ran his mouth afterward and, as I was turning my mic on to respond to his request to show others how to play so good, he left the lobby.


                  THAT is how they do things to get banned.

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                Matchmaking can be affected by a few things; such as, the time of day, game mode, and location that you are playing in. Playing a non-peak hours, in an unpopular game mode, may have an effect on the locale of the players you are matched with. To aid in being connected locally, play at peak hours, which is usually after school and after work till the 10 or 11 at night and play some more popular game types, such as; Team Deathmatch and Hardpoint.


                Also to help  optimize your connection for game play, try to assign a static ip address to your console and configure your port to direct the data traffic. Check out this FAQ for more info: http://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Lag-Occurs-in-Multiplayer-Game/ ?l=en_US&c=Game_Title%3ACa....