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    Diamond Division has fundamental flaws... a real let down

      From my perspective, diamond division has been a complete flop, and here's why:


      1. Starting with each node controlled by a fake clan ruins the game by promoting complete domination by whichever clan has the most activity. Only one node opens at a time and then the same clan wins it each time. Why not start with each node open so from the beginning there is some diversity of node control?


      2. In theory, multiple clans chipping away at a node controlled by a defending powerhouse clan should balance out the field and force them open. The problem is that only 3-4 clans are active each match because clans are giving up on diamond.


      3. Most clans are composed of mixed time zones, which makes the idea of finding a four hour chunk of time that works for everyone near impossible; especially for large clans.


      4. Clan wars in general should be accessible by more than just smartphone apps, as those without the app are at a severe disadvantage. Even the app itself is glitchy and does not grant good clan control. How does a premier game making millions suffer so much to make a decent clan interface?


      Background on myself... I've been in every clan war since the beginning. Immediately placed in platinum, our clan took first every time except one second place. On the first diamond match we took third and then drama ripped the clan apart after a loss on the second match. I believe there will be a lot of disbanded/uninterested clans playing diamond in the near future.

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          Re: Diamond Division has fundamental flaws... a real let down

          What exactly do you mean when there is only one node open at a time? you are clearly confused. all nodes are open and can be taken off the federation as and when a clan decides to. You say most clans are made of mixed time zones, any info to support this claim? I think the 4 hour window is a good idea as regular clan wars became tiresome and boring after the first 2 days. You will probably find there are more clans not playing regular clan wars either, some people just don't want competitive play. If your clan was ripped apart because of drama that's all on the leadership of it and not the creators of clan wars

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              Re: Diamond Division has fundamental flaws... a real let down

              You are clearly misunderstanding me. While technically every federation node can be attacked, strategy dictates that under most circumstances a clan should attack an open node. Every diamond war I have been in, there has almost always only been one node opened at a time.


              Proof that most clans are made of mixed time zone... Probability?


              I agree with the rest of the stuff you said. A four hour window is much more bearable than 24 hours. And my clan was definitely ripped apart by failure in the leadership, but the diamond division rules played a significant role.

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              Re: Diamond Division has fundamental flaws... a real let down

              #1 all clan wars promote total domination by the most active clan.


              #2most clans across all divisions don't play and diamond is no exception.


              #3 my clan is 50% east coast and 50% west coast and yet we still came to an arrangment on which diamond time window to play and have had 100% participation in all three diamond wars thus far.


              #4 while it would be nice to have the app PC accesable it is not exactly needed. the app offers great clan control and if it doesn't that's a leadership failure not the app. And who doesn't have a smart phone in this day and age be honest it's a very very small number of people.

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                  Re: Diamond Division has fundamental flaws... a real let down

                  #1 In normal clan wars, the second and third place clans were able to get a significant amount of points. In Diamond, the top clan can easily get 90% of the points. This could be prevented if beachhead were to begin with all nodes open, allowing smaller clans to take some nodes on the first day.


                  #2 Agreed, but diamond is supposedly the more competitive clans. Clan inactivity (at this point) means that clans have shattered or given up within the first couple diamond clan wars.


                  #3 Split time zones can work, but it is still difficult, and inactivity caused by play times can lead to drama. As in the case of my clan...


                  #4 I was curious, so I did some research (Mobile Technology Fact Sheet | Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project). Currently, 58% of Americans have smart phones (Europe probably mirrors this). Granted, the 18-29 age group showed 83% with smart phones, so the vast majority probably does have smart phones. All the same... Wouldn't hurt to at least put up a PC display.

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                  Re: Diamond Division has fundamental flaws... a real let down

                  I've played in 100% of every clan war, I'm in diamond, and I'm about done as well.

                  Beachhead makes so little effort in clarifying scoring its ridiculous.

                  Double nodes. How can my clan win the lower node and yet every other clans wins show up on the higher cp one. I thought only the holder of the lower cp node had wins carry over. Also seems like if you hold the lower node, you don't get any defenses for when you keep winning to take the higher cp node. Looked an awful lot like other clans had wins counting on the higher cp node while also taking down the defenses on the lower node. Which is dumb.

                  Time zone stuff is so stupid. After we get war cry uniform, we are done with clan war. They have made it more an exercise in frustration than something we have fun doing.

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                    Re: Diamond Division has fundamental flaws... a real let down

                    said it was flawed first week it started,

                    diamond is horrible, I actually thought beachhead couldn't surpass themselves with the normal clan wars scoring fails but they managed it.


                    This war is the only war we have had more than 2 active clans in our war ( because they refused to accept the euro start times were too early so no one played)


                    first two wars we played for a couple of hours max on first or 2nd day capped one node and then never went back ans we had acheived a rank high enough to get the war cry reward.


                    this war theres 4 active clans we capped one node last night and unless something changes we wont have to go back tonight and cp a node

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