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        120. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

        What they did was make this game very lopsided for those of us with red/green color blindness.  While the character models may stand out for you; to some of us they just don't exist until we get killed.  BO2, MW3 both had great color blind modes, and the uniforms didn't deliberately blend in.  Video games are supposed to be the equalizer for people with small disabilities like this.  Ghosts has gone the step in the other direction.  Horrible choice of color palette. 

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          121. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

          the lag comp  is absolutely horrible!!! i was in a game tonight, had a guy run out of a doorway right in front of me. the guy had to be no farther than 5 feet away. i put half a clip from the mtar into his chest and didnt even get a hit marker. he shot me once and i died. i know some of you will say that i missed, but the guy was so close i couldn't have missed.

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            122. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

            Ya, this happens to me all the time. I've came up behind ppl camping, undetected, and either unloaded my clip almost point blank or stabbed them in the back and got nothing. Just death, lol. That happens from time to time. Whether it's lag or hackers or just bad luck, idk, but I could probably deal with it. The spawn kills, however are horrible. And they're getting worse, somehow(latest patch?). The last couple weeks have been way worse with spawn kills. I play ffa, dom, blitz and tdm. It's the worst in ffa and tdm, then dom. The last couple weeks I've averaged probably 4 spawn kills in ffa. I played a match the other day where I died 11 times, 7 of which were true spawn kills, including 4 in a row, didn't take 3 steps or fire 1 bullet. Spawns have always been a problem with cod, I know, but I've never seen it this bad. I played 7 or 8 matches today and I got spawn killed several times in EACH ONE. Seriously? That just isn't fun.

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              123. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

              I agree the spawns are terrible makes me want to rage quit a lot I often get spawned in front of an enemy or a few times now ive even popped up on a ied   I literally spawn and beep boom im dead   the other thingi can complain about is the hackers and why the hell activision and sony have let this go on I can visit a thousand sites right now that give you aimbot , instant kill, no recoil , ect... and I saw a guy the other day in the final killcam that was under the map shooting people from underground he was 45-0 on the camwith a sniper rifle  so no reload infinite ammo under the map and 1 shot kill  FIX IT come on I spent 200$ on this game and want to break it in half

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                124. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

                Update: died on a 23 gunstreak last night. Killed a guy at A flag on Domination because he was trying to cap it. He spawned immediately behind me and sprayed...

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                  125. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

                  1. Spawning depends on enemy placement, ally placement, and objective placement. Maybe if you killed an enemy by their spawn point in Blitz thats infested with other enemies, they might spawn very close to you. But in some rare cases of exact player and objective placements, your enemies will spawn on you, and you might spawn on your enemies. This is RARE. But since this is a big pain, you'll feel like it's happened hundreds of times when it has only happened a few. And it MIGHT be that you're in stupid positions like "All up in da enermies spawrn dawg" and OF COURSE theres gonna be enemies spawning all over you!


                  2. I feel very comfortable with the kill speed, but that's just my personal opinion. If you do want to increase your reaction time, improving your performance GREATLY, try watching the you-tuber XclusiveAce. He also can help with aim, drop-shotting, and jump-shotting. At the end of 2, you said something about having to fire almost half of your clip into an enemy when they just drop you with a few bullets. Well, then either they are using a stronger weapon, or the game isn't showing you how many bullets went into you. Sometimes the game makes it seem enemies only put a few bullets in you, but in reality they put in a lot more, the game just doesn't vibrate at each hit and doesn't make a huge "AHH!!!" noise for every shot that goes through you.


                  3. There are some really bad guns in the game, but that can help you defeat players who use these bad guns. If the Bizon is sooooooooo good, then USE IT! But I actually disagree. The Bizon is amazing at close-range, but lacks in medium long range SEVERELY. The MSBS does have stronge bullets that mostly kill in one burst, but the aim is slow, the fire is slow, and its burst. If it had the same damage as a automatic gun like the AK-12, it would have way too weak bullets. Its stronge, but slow. Marksman rifles do have strong bullets, but are clumsy and slow for close range battles. Although I do like them a lot.


                  4. I agree. Sometimes its very hard to see enemies in dark colors, but they do have Username Tags. Those things help a lot. But its not like they're just gonna make all of the clothing bright orange. The reason your clothing color changes slightly according to the map's environment is FOR camouflage. Make good use of it. If you're not good at spotting enemies, sorry.


                  5. I'm pretty sure there is ground war. But I do like smaller maps. But you have to give the long-range lovers some slack.


                  6. It's still there, silly!


                  7. It'll be like that with a lot of launches of a lot of games of a lot of different genres. They fix the problems quickly though. But hackers do suck.


                  8. I've always had good connection even though I live in the middle of nowhere. So I don't feel your pain. Sorry. But this'll be something that can't be changed by the creators of COD: Ghosts. Don't try Halo or Battlefield thinking it'll fix the problem, those games can't control your connection.


                  Oh, they're coming all right!

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                    126. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

                    Are you sure it was the same person? Are you sure it happened RIGHT after? How many flags did you have captured?

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                      127. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

                      really getting old, you say that you have implemented anti-hack tools into the game, but yet day after day you can see that nothing is being done, people with jail broken playstations are still hacking, no matter how much you report them they are still in the game day after day. Aim bots, speed glitches, extra health, invisibility, little boxes around enemy to see where they are at all times, tools come with the ability to prevent from being banned. Auto jumping, auto dropshot, faster bullet speed, infinite ammo, etc... but yet u remove the ability to watch replays of the games to prove the hacking, but then at the same time even if you use another form of recording the game play and you post the game to prove that they are hacking they get away with it anyways. IMPLEMENT THE CODEING TO WIPE OUT JAIL BROKE SYSTEMS ALREADY!!! come on we know u guys are not retarded and know you can prevent this stuff but just choose not to. People buy these games to have fun not to spend 50+ dollars to get on and have to try and play against ppl that have to cheat non stop. Get rid of the jail braking ability, modes, modded controllers, bots, etc.. and bring back the way gaming should be

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                        128. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

                        IT wont be fixed.

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                          129. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

                          MODS please move to my complaint thread. Thanks

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