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        It's still pretty low key and looks like normal clothes rather than a uniform like Clint or Cap, but it feels like it matches her character more than the concept art.  The concept art looked a bit too normal and this has more of outsider mutant feel to it, like her X-Men Evo character.  I'm curious to see how her character will act.  The Wanda in Evo was very, very angry, but Wanda in the comics is a more gentle, empathetic person (ignoring the bouts of crazy).  I suppose she can't be too angry since she's on the Avengers side and all, but I'm interested to see what direction she'll go.


        I wish we'd get some info on how Clint will act in the movie.  Feige and Whedon have said that Clint will have a bigger role in the sequel, but I haven't heard anyone talk about where his character is going.  Is he haunted by Loki's brainwashing like Selvig was, will he get his cocky smartass sense of humor we briefly saw in Thor 1, how will he get along with the other Avengers not named Natasha.  I guess we'll have to wait for interviews since ya can't get those kind of answers from set pics.  Maybe he'll get a small little cameo in Cap 2 that'll answer some of those questions if we're lucky!


        Yeah and I don't think they necessarily have to come out and say he was designed to have an ant head.  Just say that's how he was designed to look.  I sure hope it looks better, maybe Marvel leak a concept art after a while to assure fans he'll look awesome.

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          Yeah, I'm interested to see how they play her, too.  She does look a little angry in some of those pictures, but that could just be because she's being attacked by people or something.  She'd probably be angry if people were trying to kill her, so that doesn't tell you too much. 


          Yeah, I really hope they get Clint worked out and acting like his usual comic self in the movie.  That was the only thing that disappointed me about Avengers, since I was really excited to see Hawkeye actually in a major movie.  Ten years ago, I'm sure you would've never even dreamed that would happen. 


          Yeah, there's no need to change an awesome design just because he isn't designed by Hank in the movie.  Ant-Head Ultron just looks intimidating, and I don't even think of it as ant-like most of the time.  I just think of it as a super cool-looking evil robot. 

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            Yeah,, she could also be trying to push her powers so it could be Olsen is going for more of a concentrated look, like if you're trying lift a weight.  The way some of the pics look she could be trying to keep the Quinjet in the air or trying to protect it cause she seems to be aiming her hands up.


            It's definitely left me very conflicted over Avengers.  It's a great movie, but because Clint is used so terribly I have a hard time watching it since I just feel disappointed all over again.  I'm hoping that AoU will be so awesome and Clint will have his comic personality so that I'll be able to fully enjoy the first movie knowing that the real Clint is in there beneath the brainwashing.  Kinda like how Avengers made me enjoy Iron Man 2 more because it "fixed" Black Widow by showing her as a Russian badass spy.  By the way, did you see RDJ say that his 2 year old son loves Hawkeye and that confirming that Clint has a big role in sequel!  I know Whedon and Feige have said that before, but I trust RDJ's word more since it's not really his job to assure Hawkeye fans that Clint has a bigger, better role in AoU and he offered the stuff about Clint without any prompting.  Maybe next RDJ will tell us what kind of personality Clint will have and how he'll work with the other Avengers, haha.

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              Saw the shots and they will obviously be touched up a lot so don't think we need to worry too much about how Ultron looks, at least I hope so.


              Hawk I hope you get your wish and get a Hawkeye who is a lot closer to the comic book character that would make the movie that much better.

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                Looks like we will get a new Hawkeye costume after all!  New set pics are out today and Renner is wearing this coat with two purple stripes down the front, purple sleeves, a now purple bow, and a length that looks like it's supposed to mimic the clothe flap of the classic costume.  It's not something that immediately made me think "Hawkeye!", but I do really appreciate that they worked a lot more purple into the costume and tried to mimic some of his comic appearances.  I do like it though and I think I'll like it a lot more when we get some better pictures of it since the pics we got aren't at a great angle or very clear.  Hopefully it has a nice rich purple color instead of the red-ish purple color from the first movie!  I kinda miss the bare arms though, I prefer Clint sleeveless.  But we saw Renner film some scenes in the old costume so Clint will still take us to the gun show, haha.


                But it's interesting though to see Renner have two different costumes at one location.  The quiver is on the outside of the coat and the sleeves are pretty tight so I don't think it's something that he'll toss off when the fighting starts.  So either the team is at the location for a little while or maybe they visit it twice.  Or I could be wrong and he will just take it off when the fighting starts.  What do you guys think!

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                  Yeah, I can see how you'd be conflicted about Avengers because of that.  I totally liked the movie, but Clint still sticks out as a missed opportunity in it, and I'm not even an obsessive Hawkeye fan like you!  I'm surprised I haven't read a news story about a crazed Hawkeye fan chasing down Joss Whedon and trying to force him to read classic Avenger comics or watch EMH!  I read about RDJ's comments about Hawkeye, and that sounds like a good thing to me.  To be fair, it'd be tough for Clint to not have a bigger role than he did in the first movie, but it looks like he'll at least get some time to shine on his own kinda with the scenes they're shooting now. 


                  Did I read the word "purple" related to Movie-Clint?!  Awesome!  He really needs some purple.  I haven't seen any of the pictures yet, but it's good to hear there's purple, at least.  I'm guessing he'll never get a mask, but this sounds better than the generic costume of the first movie. 

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                    You would be reading about if it wasn't for that darn cramp!  Goes to show you should drink plenty of fluids before throwing comics at movie directors....Haha, but yeah, it seems like AoU is shaping up pretty well for Hawkeye and Hawk fans!  Obviously more screen time, bigger role in the plot, interactions with people not named Natasha, a new coat inspired by his 616 appearances.  Now we just need to hear him make a few jokes, antagonize Tony (cause you know he would), and  let's see the nice guy beneath the swagger that looks up to Cap and is always there to cheer up his friends and help people out.  Do you think I'm asking for too much?  Maybe we should just drop that Ultron guy, he aint too important, haha.


                    You should check out the pics!  They're easy enough to find on CBR and CBM.  By the way, in other awesome news, Sam Jackson has said he's barely in AoU and is little more than a glorified cameo.  I think this basically confirms that the Avengers will not be affiliated with SHIELD and that while they might work with them, the Avengers are their own group and can do what they want.  As you can guess this makes me very happy!  I think we'll be see the Avengers Tower too, as was teased at the end of the first movie!  Cause I'm old school I'm more partial to the Avengers Mansion, but still, very awesome!

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                      Very glad we will have less Shield and more Avengers, that is how it should be most of the time.


                      Hawk glad you are getting good vibes on Hawkeye's role in the movie, of course I loved the first one but that is because my fav hero was awesome in the movie, so kind of hard for me to hate on it even though they did give Clint the short shaft, get it, short shaft, lol, that works on so many levels because I am comic genius.

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                        Hey, Renner finally spoke on AoU!  And he just said what we've been hearing that he'll have more to do this time around, haha.  Oh, well, at least he's getting a chance on the movie now.  It was a little frustrating to hear everyone else keep talking about the movie with nothing from him.


                        There was an interesting little video that came out yesterday that showed a bit of the filming.  There was a guy wearing a policeman outfit with Cyrillic writing on it doing some moves with a bow with some camera guys around him.  At first I got excited thinking that we could see Clint's brother Barney show up as a villain or maybe a younger, less hefty version of his old mentor Trickshot.  But I noticed the guy was reaching back like he was supposed to be pulling arrows out of a quiver and he clearly didn't have a quiver so I think he might be a stunt man demonstrating some of Renner's moves.  It sure would be cool to get into Clint's backstory though!


                        There's also some new much clearer pictures out of Clint's new jacket!  It actually looks like it's two pieces with Renner wearing a long sleeved purple shirt and over that is black vest that the quiver is attached to.  I'm not sure if Clint will take off the vest/jacket or if it was designed in two pieces to give Renner better movement.  Most of the shooting looks to be done with the vest on so I think it might just be a design choice to give Renner better movement than a regular one piece jacket would.  I kinda dig it without the vest though since there's more of the purple and less black.  Kinda feels more like a costume Clint would wear in the comics, almost like his House of M look.  it's too bad they didn't make the black of the vest a navy blue which I think would looked really sweet.

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                          You guys see Cap's new uniform for AoU?  I really like it!  Notice the nice little Avengers symbol on his shoulder...


                          UPDATE 2: Chris Evans Suits Up In New Captain America Duds Filming AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON