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    The Panic Knife (We're gunna need a montage)!



      I absolutely HATE getting panic knifed in this game. I did not have much problem at all with it in MW3 or Black Ops 2 -- sure, it happened occasionally, but no where as often as in Call of Duty Ghosts. I get panic knifed at least once every other game. I had so much panic knife footage that I decided to make a montage of it, which can be viewed above.


      It mostly happens when you're at point blank range, which is what I tend to find myself at more often than not running Agility/Marathon with a close quarters build.


      Do you notice getting panic knifed more or less in this game? Maybe it's my imagination -- but it's blatently obvious each and every time I sit down to play this game that I can expect to get panic knifed about 5-10 times a 2 hour session.


      In one game on Strikezone playing Domination, I had it happen 5 times. FIVE times in one game. I've never raged so hard in my life.


      Anyway, enjoy the montage.  Let me know what you think!

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          1. Re: The Panic Knife (We're gunna need a montage)!

          Knifing is a legitimate part of the game and all your montage proves is that it works and that you constantly get killed by people knifing you.  If you encounter someone at very close range knifing is the quickest way to get the kill.  Are you expecting they should wait to knife you so as to give you the chance to shoot them?  Makes no sense. 

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            2. Re: The Panic Knife (We're gunna need a montage)!

            Hmm... no, that's not what I was getting it.  The montage was just for fun.  I thought it was humorous to see the variety of knives I received.


            There is a difference between a "legitimate knife", as you say, and a "panic knife".  A "legitimate knife" is, for example... you spotting someone, running up to them (suspecting or unsuspecting) and shoving your knife into him.  Legitimate.


            A panic knife is, you rounding a corner and your enemy rounding the same corner from the other side -- with both players popping up on each other's screen at the same time, and you ACCIDENTALLY hitting the knife button in surprise.  You did not INTEND to hit the button, you jumped in real life, forcing your brain to tell you to hit the knife button in panic.  A panic knife.  Did you get that one?  It's a play on words.  We like to have fun here.


            That is a HUGE difference, which is the point of my montage.  And to be funny.  We like to have fun here. 

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              3. Re: The Panic Knife (We're gunna need a montage)!

              Very funny video. good editing/music as well.


              the worst is when you have a guard dog that just sits there while you get run up on.

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                4. Re: The Panic Knife (We're gunna need a montage)!

                This is the kind of feedback I enjoy.  Thanks very much, truly appreciated.


                I agree with your guard dog statement.  Haha.

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                  5. Re: The Panic Knife (We're gunna need a montage)!

                  It doesnt help when there is aim assist when knifing. Half the time people arent even looking at you when you die.

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                    6. Re: The Panic Knife (We're gunna need a montage)!

                    Good vid. My favorite panic knives are when I'm just as surprised and accidentally and sub consciously knife him.   But like you, i tend to shoot in extreme close quarters only to be stabbed.

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                      7. Re: The Panic Knife (We're gunna need a montage)!

                      I don't mind getting knifed but there's a few situations where it's very frustrating for me. I think hitting someone with bullets should cancel their knife attack and possibly stun the knife ability for a short time.

                      It's very frustrating to get hitmarkers with a shotgun, then get knife lunge killed. Also frustrating when using a SMG to watch someone fly through my bullets and knife me.

                      Then there is that magical 180 knife I cannot stand. When you and your enemy run past each other in a tight area, I will turn and shoot. Unfortunately for me, it seems they have knifed the tail end of my hitbox after already passing by. They seem to get this lightening quick spin ability at this time.

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                        8. Re: The Panic Knife (We're gunna need a montage)!

                        When I get knifed I just remind myself that making a habit of reacting with a knifing is bad in the long run.  People who knife every chance they get end up dying in gun fights because their first reaction isn't to shoot.  It's also bad because you lock yourself up in a knife animation and that will get you killed if there's more than one enemy.  Still, I preferred black ops 2's knifing system where you didn't get any aim-assist, unlike ghosts where you can literally knife 90 degrees off and 3 feet away and the game does all the work for you.

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                          9. Re: The Panic Knife (We're gunna need a montage)!

                          Yeah the aim assist is crazy but to me the only time I count it as panic knifing is when someone knifes me and over there mic I here a sound of surprise and I can just picture a nugget of terror popping right out of em.

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