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        @Rogue - I put far less stock in grades than you do, haha.  I've known plenty of people that have been lazy, skip classes, and only do a quick cram before exams and still get really high grades.  Whereas there can be others that put a lot of effort in, do work for extra credit, do a lot of research, and still barely scrape by.  The grades would say that the first person is "better" but the reality is that the second person is the harder worker.  Just cause they didn't score well isn't an indication of a lack of effort or intelligence.  Some people just aren't good at school work.  The grades also don't take into account the teachers (or the classes taken: few jobs will care that you aced a course in comic book history.).  Is a 4.0 from the teacher that is an easy grader really better than a 2.0 from the teacher that challenges kids with much harder tests?  Numbers are largely useless with context, but most employers don't have the time to dig into that.


        I'm not really sure if it scales, but most of the time I see the bad guys are around level 20.  Not too high, but probably a good deal higher than where you are right now.


        So would a chili dog be almost God like?


        Awesome!  How have you been doing in the game lately?  You must be pretty far by now!

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          Rogue that is a good thing then, I hope you enjoy your job. Just get in there work hard and it will get noticed believe me. As a manager I love it when a new hire shows initiative, hard work, dependability and intelligence. I am sure you have all of those things so if you show that off it will help you move up quickly.


          Hawk did you watch the season finiale, wow it was pretty good. Looks like we might have cannibals on our hands, lol. Was very glad they dealt with those bad guys right at the start and now we have to wait to see how Rick and the gang handle the situation at the Terminus.

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            @Hawk: I think it's a major stretch to say that neither effort or intelligence matter in getting good college grades.  They might not be the be-all, end-all to tell people who worked hardest or was the smartest at a school, but they're an important piece of the puzzle.  You can't just ignore them, just like you can't ignore the other things on a person's resume.  Besides, I don't think you see a lot of people who get into good colleges that aren't good at school work, since that's kinda how you get into a good college. 


            Yeah, my highest level heroes are Widow and Iron Man at 12 each right now, so I still got a ways to go there. 


            Chili dogs are unstoppable, except they are weak against hedgehogs. 


            I actually finished yesterday!  I had tons of time to play this weekend, since I didn't need to spend the weekend looking for a job or anything like I normally do, so I played it a ton.  I didn't do many sidequests (I do a surprisingly small number of sidequests in FFX, actually), but it was tons of fun.  The final battle is especially fun if you aren't overleveled or anything, which I wasn't because I didn't do that many sidequests.  It was fun to replay the game after having not played it in a couple years, that's for sure.  I'm a couple hours into X-2 so far, and the battle system is definitely pretty cool like I've heard.  The story hasn't really gotten going much yet, though. 


            @Iron: I hope I like it too! haha, they're supposed to call me to set up my orientation soon, but I haven't gotten the call yet.  It's supposed to be on a Tuesday, so it's looking like it might not be until next week. 

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              @Iron - Yup, it was a pretty intense episode!  I really liked those little flashbacks to when everything was happy and safe with Herschel first convincing Rick to put down his gun to take up farming.  The way they went back and forth between peaceful Rick and Rick snapping on the Claimed gang was fun, seeing how much he had changed.  Man, that scene was crazy though.  I don't think anyone can really blame Rick for the way he reacted with the way the big guy was threatening Carl.  I really liked the moments between Carl and Michonne afterwards too.  Like how she was holding him after he got away from his attacker and sleeping with his head on her lap.  The Terminus people were certainly pretty creepy, haha.  Beth's fate is certainly looking pretty grim about now.  It's hard to tell how long ago she was kidnapped, but Daryl was with the Claimed gang for at least a few nights.  The end scene in the shipping crate was an exciting set up for season five.  The biggest surprise that no one died in this episode, haha.


              @Rogue - Which is why I never said that, haha.  I said that just because someone does poorly on tests doesn't mean that they aren't smart.  You can get straight A's on all the text book exams, but completely whiff on the practical application.  Or you can do okay on the exams, but are amazing at the practical application.  Things aren't black and white where good at testing = good at real application   Some of the wisest, hardworking people I know are ones that sucked in school.  I have a friend that dropped out of high school, but they've been a volunteer first aider for at least four years, been a skating instructor for ten, and have been doing pretty well in trade's school.  With a resume like that you can't say that they dropped out because they're just a slacker that didn't try hard enough or are stupid.  A conventional school setting just isn't something they're good at.  If you just focus on that you'd be hugely underselling their skills and intelligence.  Meanwhile, I know someone else who's gotten in trouble for skipping so much class, would chat on his phone instead of pay attention to the teacher, and would put off studying to do play video games, yet still scored pretty well after some quick cram sessions.  Good for him for scoring well, but its kinda hard to say he's a hardworker when he has those kinds of habits.  And those kind of habits will piss off people if ya bring em over to your job.  He's a nice guy and is pretty smart, but it can be annoying to see someone saunter in several hours late while you've been there working your ass off.  These aint hypothetical situations, these are just two real examples of people I'm friends with and I got plenty more.  Hell, I slept through half of high school and still got on the high honor roll with a couple of fancy certificates, haha.  I got good grades, but I'm not sure I woulda hired me if I was an employer.


              Did you see they just added Human Torch!  He looks pretty sweet


              Damn, those hedgehogs ruin everything!


              Haha, awesome!  I knew it wouldn't take ya long.  Is there really that many sidequests in FFX?  I remember there's plenty of blitz ball stuff and recruiting you can do, though not sure if that really falls under a sidequest.  It's great that you enjoyed it so much!  How much different is the battle system from FF X?  I know you have a much smaller party, but don't know a ton about it.  I don't think I ever played it since I wasn't into FF X.  I have a vague memory of Yuna acting like a pop star though, haha.

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                @Hawk: I think it's pretty clear we're just going to keep going in circles on this thing about grades.  That's what all the people on school boards have been doing for years (and probably will keep doing for years).  I think I'd rather complain about Clint's costume in Avengers movies than debate the usefulness of grades or tests.  This makes it obvious that I never joined the debate team in high school and also explains why I didn't try to become a lawyer. 


                I saw that!  I haven't really checked what his powers are like, since I don't think I'll play enough to get him in the event, but it's always cool to have a new hero added instead of just a new version of an old one. 


                Everything needs a weakness!  That's the reason why everyone playing RPGs with chili dogs in them (like... all of them) has to bring a hedgehog in their party at all time.  You never know when a chili dog will attack. 


                There's a decent number of things you can do, but they're mostly available at the end when you finally get the airship.  It might be possible to get them earlier, but it'd take tons of backtracking.  There's some extra summons to get, blitzball, a monster arena, and some other little things.  The battle system is pretty cool.  It only has 3 characters (Yuna, Rikku, and a new on named Paine), so there's no switching characters in battle.  It's an ATB system like FFVIII where the enemies can attack while you're deciding which moves to pick, and it lets you switch classes mid-battle.  You can pick which abilities your classes learn, too, so you have a lot of room to customize how your characters play.  It's also pretty cool how you can chain attacks together.  If you hit an enemy consecutively, the later attacks in the combo deal more damage.  This lets you do cool things like use a fast, weak attack to build up a big chain and time it so a big spell hits at the end of it for massive damage.  Yeah, she acts like a pop star for like the first five minutes for some reason.  It kinda leaves a bad first impression, but there hasn't been too much more of that until the point I just got to now (about 15 hours in).  For some reason, Yuna and Rikku decided the way to bring the people of Spira together is through... a concert sung by Yuna.  Clearly, they needed the level heads of Auron and Lulu badly in FFX. 

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                  So... Has anyone watched Cap TWS yet? I mean I know it just started showing tonight, but I just got back from seeing it and WOAH. I've heard some great reviews about it, but that just put itself as my favorite movie. I mean wow, that was great... I can't even say. It just makes me way more excited to see how Avengers AOU and the rest of Agents of Shield are going to be, because this movie had one major impact on the whole MCU (you know, until we leave earth with Guardians!)


                  @Rogue: Man, I know that feeling you're going through all too well. This whole need a job, gotta have good grades... It really sucks doesn't it? I know how you feel, I hate it too. But hey, congrats on the job though! Honestly something even if it isn't what you want is better than nothing really, though I'm sure that's been said to you already. It gives you the experience to level up to a better job at least! So how are things going for you lately?

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                    I just saw it this afternoon!  I'd actually agree that it might be my new favorite.  It was just all around awesome, so I ranted about it on the thread for it in full spoilers.  It was awesome, though.


                    I don't need good grades, actually.  I already got those, since I graduated a couple months ago! haha, but getting out into the real world in a terrible job market isn't fun.  There's not a whole lot of entry-level jobs for college graduates, since people with experience are being forced to take those jobs.  At least I got something that'll pay the bills for now, though. 


                    Besides that, I've just been hanging out, lots of writing and video games.  I got 15 chapters of 20 done in my story so far, which is pretty cool.  Been playing the HD remake of FFX and X-2 recently, which has been lots of fun.  What's going on with you, SBN? 

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                      Nova go post your thoughts on the Cap thread, you can read Rogue and mine there. Cap was a fantastic movie!!!

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                        Oh yeah! I always forget about threads like that... Hah, too used to only going here and the Agents thread!


                        @Rogue- It was seriously too good! Really makes me wonder how it's going to impact the rest of the MCU, especially knowing that's going all the way to 2028...


                        WOW. Ok, I remember you telling me you were graduating early... But man, have I really been gone from here that long? Well here's a late congratulations on that!
                        Yeah, this job crap sucks big time... It really makes me worry about when I graduate, and makes going into the Air Force a WHOLE lot more appealing.

                        But yeah, this job crap is exactly why I decided to take my parent's offer to go to community college and live at home instead of going to a far off university or living on my own. I could not make it out there. Good job for making it yourself!


                        Ahh yes, the story I keep asking about like 20 times. Wow, you sure have made quite a lot of progress with it though, it's getting to a close! That's really exciting. Are you liking how it's turning out so far?

                        Mm, you and your JRPGs I always here about and mean to try out yet never do.. Haha, well those sound fun, can't say I've been doing much gaming lately... College is too time consuming for me. Speaking of which, I just finished my second quarter! Awesome, but disappointing, despite trying as hard as I did, I couldn't get good grades, again. I know for sure I got two C's and my third grade is unknown. Just going to have to try harder next quarter, which will be a fun quarter, having no Monday or Friday classes, and not having Wednesday class until 5pm, sounds cool!

                        But yeah, other than stressing about school I've been doing a lot of brainstorming of ideas, writing ideas, films ideas, all kinds of ideas, but no way or time to put them in action... I'm hoping to be able to start up some writing soon, see what I can make out of that.

                        I've also been playing this table top game called Heroclix lately, ever heard of it?

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                          @SBN: Thanks!  It was pretty nice to graduate early, since it meant I had some money saved up to be able to afford to look around for a job for a while.  It's too bad I haven't found anything better yet, but that can happen with the way jobs are right now.  Just got to get out there and start making some money to pay the bills for a while.  Most people are still in school and taking on debt at 21, so I'm ahead of the game just to be able to break even at that age, I guess. 


                          Yeah, I think it's really good so far!  I haven't really been hitting too many places where I've hit any kind of block with it, and I think I've really nailed the main character's funny narration I've been going for.  Basically, I think all the characters have turned out about how I planned they would in my head, so that's good. 

                          Is this at the community college?  That's rough, since it sounds like you've been working really hard.  You haven't even been wasting time around here! haha, is it the tests that are hard or the papers and stuff?

                          Writing ideas are always awesome!  What kind of ideas are you thinking about?  If you start writing some things eventually, I'd be happy to read some of it to give you some feedback if you want. 

                          Yeah, I've seen that at a couple stores before, and I know some of the people on Marvel Heroes play it, too.  I've never played it myself, though.  What's it like?