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    Sniping quickscoper vs camper arguments


      I don’t see how anyone can win an argument then we talk about sniping,.

      I mean, if you use the sniper properly you get called a camper, but if you use the sniper aggressively you get called a cheap quickscoper.

      However the maps are better for sniping compered to MW3.

      But people still manage to quickscope despite all the nerfs to the snipers.

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          Grow some skin and ignore them. Mute them if you must.

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            stay in your perch and rake in the kills as he keeps running into your line of sight,if your sitting in back with a sniper like your supposed to then you are only gonna be hated by stupid rushing idiots with SMGs.


            if you run around QSing then everybody will hate you.


            pick your poison.

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              Exactly. I dont care if I get called a quickscoper or a hardscoper anymore; either way its apparently a crime. I dont always snipe, but when I do, I get the kill.

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                People call me a (camping) hardscoper? I thank them for the compliment because it means I'm doing a really good job actually sniping and they're doing a piss-poor job using cover and situational awareness thus giving me easy kills.

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                  The way I look at it if your actually good at actual sniping (sitting back supporting the team from a long distance) then you have to camp and you don't have much choice in the matter. People talk **** about hardscoping because you use a gun that forces you to camp and you are still camping technically even if your doing it right. Campers get talked **** to for two reasons:


                  1. Camping takes less skill than running and gunning and it's safer than running and gunning because your away from the gun fight. There are campers who just sit in corners and hide the whole game waiting to ambush someone but they are a whole other issue.


                  2. Campers are usually only good in one spot and completely useless anywhere else. We have all seen this when you find one camper that sits in the same spot and goes 20 and 0 the first half of a match but gets killed and can't get back to his spot and ends the game 23 and 17.


                  Knowing all this I still talk **** to snipers that snipe correctly for camping, either way you look at it they are camping and it's a fact of life that campers get **** talked no matter how their camping. Your just going to have to accept your gonna deal with that if you keep sniping no matter how you choose to snipe.


                  All that being said though, if you snipe how your supposed to, the **** storm you'll get from doing that looks like a small poop stain compared to the **** storm you will get if you run around quickscoping ( because technically it is cheating or at the very least exploiting flaws in the games mechanics) or hide in a corner and snipe someone when they run by you (I have been seeing this more frequently on ghosts where players will corner camp a room with a sniper and then when someone walks by they scope in and shoot them in the back).


                  Besides quickscoping and corner camping, I don't mind players using snipers and having a sniper adds to strategy. The only problem I have with snipers is that you can make sniper classes and an entire team can run snipers because it is a gun you can choose to use and theirs no limit on how many people can use them. On maps like stonehaven this is really annoying because all too often everyone will be using a sniper of some kind and I'll be the only person not using a sniper running around with my AK12. How good I do depends more on how good my team is with snipers, if they are good then I usually do good but have to work way harder than the snipers with unlimited damage and range on a huge open map where they can easily pick people off before I make it to the other teams side of the map and if they suck at sniping then it's me vs 6 who have unlimited damage and range. Stonehaven is one of my fav maps on this game but people using only snipers just ruins it(strikezone is my other fav but the terrible spawns ruin that map). To be honest Ghosts is just a horribly balanced CoD game that is only good at pissing people off and even the best players will admit that they can't go an entire match with out some aspect of ghosts annoy the **** out of them because this game can only be described as "made wrong". Alot of the **** talking you get is likely because how bad this game is compared to past games (even though the spawn sucked on BO2, the spawns on ghosts are shitty spawns on steriods taken to the next level) instead of anything you do and probably a good majority of it should be ignored.


                  I know that was alot but I was bored and had nothing to do, hopefully though I was able to explain and give a different perspective to sniping, how you snipe, and the **** talking you get based on how you snipe.

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                         Camping is laying in a room/hallway watching a door.  Laying on a rock dropping fools 100 meters away is NOT camping, it's sniping.

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                      Snipers are supposed top be stationary, I have no problem with getting killed by a stationary sniper....now Qs'n is a load of crap.