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    Quick question

      I'm confused on a few things in regards to Diamond division, so I'm hoping that someone in the diamond division can help me out.


      A) where would the invite to diamond division be located in the app

      2) Why can I see the leaderboard for diamond if we haven't opted into it (cause we can't find the invite)


      Our clan has 3 total wins (one gold 2 platinum) but nobody can find the invite to opt in. 


      We are completely confused and want to know what to do before start of platinum clan war tomorrow...


      Any help is greatly appreciated, and if I missed a similar post on here regarding this topic, I'm sorry…just point me in the right direction.  Thanks in advance

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          I've shared this post with someone who may be able to help, OUHATEME, best person to probably answer these questions

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            got the message from tracy  So hope this helps when you go to the app from the menu click on the clan wars tab ,,once you are the clan wars page in the upper left corner is the menu tab hit that tab and if you have received the diamond division invite that is where it should be. The clan leader can opt in when the clan leader hits the invite it should pull up a page with the time slots pick a time slot and opt in,,,, the opt out is also on that invite opt in is lower right corner opt out lower left corner. You want to opt in as soon as possible to make it for this clan war. 

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              thanks for the input guys, but no diamond invite yet.  looks like my clan is stuck in platinum for now.  we'll just keep piling on the wins till we get it i guess. 

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                I had a similar issue when I was trying to verify that my clan was indeed in the Diamond Division, I was able to contact @beachheadstudio via Twitter and they were able to help me. Beachhead Studios are the ones who organize Clan Wars. Good Luck.