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        20. Re: Whats it mean (to you) to be Good at Ghost.

        I guess you'd have to define skill for me, as in my eyes it comes in various forms. Sure Hand/Eye Coordination is a strong positive, but does that automatically make one a better player? As an Older Player with decent Hand/Eye, I can overcome players with quicker reflexes and better aim by out-thinking or out-maneuvering them. Sometimes my age and experience help over folks who may have pure talent for the game. Skills come in different forms.


        And you are right, some folks are just not willing or able to be led. But that doesn't stop someone from being a leader. You play like the teammate you'd like to have, and I have found that more often than not that if you lead, others will follow. At the same time, I have learned when to let others lead. Sure, folks can be selfish, but most players seem to want to win. Most players don't want to be spawn killed, or spawn trapped, and are willing to work together to beat the other team.

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          21. Re: Whats it mean (to you) to be Good at Ghost.

          I agree on 1,2, and 3.

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            22. Re: Whats it mean (to you) to be Good at Ghost.

            hmmm without getting into a debate over who actually has got the best answer towards the topic at hand , I was merely pointing out why players seem to respond to the Leadership trait ,

            the post was 3 only , and if their was only 3 , I would rather be in a team where they using the right killstreaks to aid our map control, team mates with the right perks to support there weapons with the map knowledge over a team full of leaders,

            I'm not saying or implying this is an advantage/disadvantage.


            1 : Adaptability , accuracy, load prep, flexibility, anticipation , understanding - all come under one bullet point would you agree?

            2 : Map control .knowledge , layout , awareness - a strong bullet point ?

            3 : Luck ,knowing your limits , leadership ,being stealthy , common sense ,  killstreaks -  is where we branch off ,

            Reading some of these replies, it's givin me an insight to what players do consider good qualities 

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              23. Re: Whats it mean (to you) to be Good at Ghost.

              Some of what you pointed out can be folded into the qualities described.

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                24. Re: Whats it mean (to you) to be Good at Ghost.

                Map awareness is by far the most important IMO.  Especially in Ghosts with the spawns the way they are. 

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                  25. Re: Whats it mean (to you) to be Good at Ghost.

                  I think you guys already have it covered. The first two are really indicative of being good at most video games. The third is really just for multiplayer.


                  1. Quick reflexes, hand to eye coordination, reaction time. I think these are all one thing.


                  2. Awareness and focus.


                  3. Knowing the maps and understanding how the enemy thinks.


                  If I could add more they would be......scuff controllers, turtle beaches, a monitor, amplify, dead silence and thermal scopes.

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                    26. Re: Whats it mean (to you) to be Good at Ghost.

                    Um stops complaining, doesn't complain, and adapts.

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                      27. Re: Whats it mean (to you) to be Good at Ghost.

                      Great thread.... Don't have time to like almost every post. Sticky and point the complainers here to maybe give them something besides whining to think about.


                      I think knowing the maps/ sight lines and anticipating the others teams movement as earlier pointed out is one thing a lot of people don't get.


                      For example as I was playing solo today on whiteout I noticed early the other team just loved being in the building with the waterwheel. Flooded the area with some IEDs to watch my back and prowled for the kill. Set up the ims to protect the side where the satellite crashes and the sentry point set towards the lodge, all of sudden there is a battle hind flying around. With a little forethought, adaption and observation I was able to hold down a large area of the map. I loved when a random set up another set of kill streaks to extend our area of control further towards the crash area. we were playing against group of (at least) four in a clan and they just kept coming back. Dumb bastards.

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                        28. Re: Whats it mean (to you) to be Good at Ghost.

                        For me i would say.



                        Constancy, meaning someone who dose well in all situations and comes out on top most games.


                        Thinking on the fly, meaning can change up when the time calls for it, camp, rush, defend when the time calls for it.


                        Remembers its a game, meaning when you try to hard you end up doing worse as apposed to playing smart but still having a good time with the people they play with. Able to admit when he gets outplayed and not blame it on lag.


                        And oh yea what you guys said. I suck at the game but mostly have fun.

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                          29. Re: Whats it mean (to you) to be Good at Ghost.

                          1-Identifying and playing to your strenghts.


                          2-Selecting your loadout (perks included) accordingly.


                          3-Adapting your playstlye to suit the game type, your team, the other team and match circumstances in general.

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