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        I got Thing and since I already have him the token adds one to his ultimate power, lame.


        Played a bunch today and have the good Doctor up to level 44. He is a ton of fun to play and has great AOE and probably the coolest power in the game. The All Seeing Eye of Agamatto is awesome. Basically you cast the spell then this huge eyeball appears above you, the eye then independently starts zapping baddies with super force, very cool. It stays up for a short time and then you have a 1 minute cooldown because it does some incredible damage, very cool. All of the graphics around him are really, really good and he is very fluid to play. I have three uniques since I have a ton of different boosts so been pretty fun today.

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          Nice, I played Panther a lot this weekend.  Went from level 13 to level 50 already with the crazy boosts going on for the weekend.  Have you used the Bovineheim portal they gave away on Saturday yet?  I haven't used mine yet, so we should try to get some more people and team up for it at some point. 


          Also, they announced Mr. Fantastic will be the June hero, after Invisible Woman and Psylocke!  It's about time they get the rest of the Fantastic Four in the game, so that should be pretty cool.  Also, I feel obligated to say that they showed a picture of Widow's new Fear Itself costume with her super cool swords.  Seriously, swords. 

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            I have Dr. Strange up to 51 and plan to give him a couple levels a day until I get him to 60. He is a lot of fun to play that is for sure.


            I have not used my Bovineheim yet so when we happen to be on at the same time again we should play that for sure.


            I am excited about Psylocke and Invisible Woman but Reed just doesn't do it for me however his powers might look really cool in the game.

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              Did you see the surprise Taskmaster addition?  There were hints of him being added, but it was still pretty cool how they added him without even putting him in the patch notes.  His powers are partially taken from other heroes because he copies their moves, but I hear he's a lot of fun.  I might end up using 200 splinters on him at some point. 

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                Yeah I saw Taskmaster, but not sure if I want him or not.


                Have played a little bit today and yesterday since you get all that bonus loot in Holo sim, man the loots just pours out like crazy from those chests. You fill up your inventory after about three waves, lol.


                Have Dr. Strange up to level 56 and have all of his uniques except for his belt but I have a cosmic belt for him instead. He is pretty powerful with great AOE attacks and is a lot of fun to play. Should have up to 60 pretty soon then will probably back off on playing until Sue Storm comes out. Her powers should be pretty cool with all the force field stuff. Her defense and dodge should be insane with her force fields and ability to turn invisible, but what will her offensive powers be? If I was Sue I would just put a force field over the bad guys head even the Hulk needs to breathe although they are pretty inconsistent about that in comics since at times it seems he can survive in space, which never makes any sense to me since he does breath and has lungs, a heart and circulatory system. Yes he heals super fast and I suppose he could hold his breath for a long time, but I think they need me to be final editor on some of these things so they don't have all of these inconsistincies, lol.

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                  I got some crazy loot from the Holo-Sim this weekend with the event.  I actually got 4 uniques in one run once with a few of the boosts they gave away for the event.  It was pretty insane, and holo-sim is pretty fun.  It's different from X-Defense because you have more specific objectives, so that's pretty cool. 


                  Invisible Woman is actually the most powerful member of the Fantastic Four now, from what I've read.  She can pretty much do just about anything with her force fields, making her kinda be like an even more powerful version of a Green Lantern or something.  And she still has the invisibility on top of all that so she's pretty strong.  I got a bunch of splinters all saved up to get her at the end of the month (got about 900 right now), actually, so we'll both be playing her then. 

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                    You my friend are a splinter hoarder if we were to see in your virtual house it would be so full of splinters there would be no room for anything else, just disgusting, lol.


                    Yeah that was crazy loot and pretty fun. Right now just playing enough to level Dr. Strange up one level a day.


                    I'm really focused on writing now and it feels good as I am on a role.

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                      Hey, I finally used some of my splinters to get Magik for a team-up!  I only got 500 left! haha, but the team-ups are pretty cool.  It's fun to have Magik teleporting around, slicing up enemies, and summoning demons.  She even sounds appropriately creepy, so they did a real good job with her.  She pairs well with my Widow, too, since her demons draw attention really well, so I can sneak around like a spy should.  Have you tried out the team-ups yet?


                      What kinda stuff are you writing? 

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                        I got Firestar and went with constant team up, I primarily used her offensive powers and she is great at doing some great damage, really like her a lot. Pretty fun to have a companion. Now I just need to collect three more items to fill her gear slots.


                        I write Fantasy. You know prophecy, destiny, where a great Empire that has conquered three of the world's continents is about to run into one destined to stop them, a slave who at the start of the book is just 10 years old.

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                          Nice, the team-ups are pretty cool so far.  I've mostly been playing Widow and Cap since seeing Cap 2, for obvious reasons.  Post-rework Cap is pretty fun so far with all kinds of synergies between his shield throwing and blocking powers.  They posted a bunch of notes about Widow's rework, and it looks like it's gonna be awesome.  Sounds like it should be live in the next couple of weeks, too, so that's gonna be cool.


                          I'm guessing there's tons of details about the history of the world and the prophecy and all the different species in the world?  It just sounds like a very Iron way to write fantasy. 

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